Hello again,

Some how since early October, I must have broker a brain spring or something, I've been buying guns like a wild man. My oldest son has gotten caught up in the mania also. His wife says he's obsessed but my wife is used to it and just accepts it as normal.

I bought some parts guns off of Gunbroker a week or so ago and when I received them, there was a Hawes large frame .22 revolver in the mix. I was quite surprised, it was a nice revolver other than it was missing the ejector housing and of course Numerich is out of them. I took it out in the yard this afternoon and fired it some and was quite impressed.

My big surprise to learn was that Hawes put some of these out with 2 cylinders, one of all things, was a .22 Hornet. I don't think it was very success Needless to say within a few days after learning of this, I now have a .22 Hornet cylinder for mine. I have no intention of firing jacketed .22 Hornet rounds through this thing, but I think shooting some light cast bullet loads will be a lot of fun.

Is there anyone out there that has had any experience with such? I am trying to figure out how the firing pin works for such. It strikes rimfire way down toward the ratchet. it might possibly work with the Hornet so I'm told. Does anyone know if you have to change the firing pin assembly or know anything about this critter?


David Cogburn

David a. Cogburn