Cast bullets in Mini-14?

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max503 posted this 21 January 2021

Has anyone had any success with cast bullets in a Mini-14 or am I just setting myself up for grief?  I have the Lee 55 grain mold.  The gun is one of the older Ranch Rifles with the thin barrel.  Thanks.

It does not shoot steel cased Wolf ammo very well.  Just sayin'.  If it's just going to be a noise-maker with cast bullets I don't want to waste my time and dirty-up the barrel.

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Millelacs posted this 22 January 2021

I don't have any experience with cast in a Mini-14, but I'm also interested in what experience others have had.

I'll be mounting a scope on mine, and am looking forward to trying it out once  there's some good weather.



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99 Strajght posted this 23 January 2021

Check out Handloader #120 page 33. Cast bullets in the Mini 14. By Mike Venturino. I found that the loads he used were about right for shooting the Mini 14. 3031 and 4064 shoot as well as about anything. I would also add Varget. I have shot thousands of rounds through my Mini 14 with little or no problems. 


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