My club won't let us put our mouths over the muzzle of our guns to blow and keep fouling soft. I guess the image is bothersome to some folks. I made a blow tube with 36" of 3/16"I.D. automobile brake line and vinyl tubing. The brake line goes down the bore and I can blow into the tubing while keeping my face away from the muzzle. This also puts the moist air at the base of the barrel where I find the fouling is densest. Probably wouldn't need to do this with patched round balls as much but I shoot minie balls or some other kind of bullet for the most part. I fired 25 rounds with 60g charges today without wiping. I used the tube every five shots. I was using close fitting bullets and the last shot went down like the second. The first is always the easiest of course. My bore is .577" and the bullets are .5765"