I've finished my load development in my newly rebarreled FN-49 Egyptian in 8x57 with 175 gr cast and H335 and now I'm off on another adventure developing a load for my newly acquired FN-49 Columbian in 7x57 with 130 gr cast and H335.  I realize that I might be better served with using 2400 but my supply of 2400 is limited to under 5 lbs and I've got close to 50 lbs of H335.  Since it has a burn rate about the same as 4895 and it worked so well in my 8x57 I'm hoping I can get decent results.  The bore on the 7x57 is shiny an bright so I'm optimistic.

I'd appreciate it if anyone has some load data using H335 or 4895 with a 130 gr cast bullet in 7x57.  I'm finding that the gas system on the FN-49's, being adjustable works with a very wide burn range.  I'm going to load for a velocity of 2000-2100 in 7x57 cast with WW.  I'm using the Lee C285-130-R that has worked so well for me in my other 7MM weapons.

Thanks in advance for any help.  I'm thinking 30 gr on my initial test.

Because I said so!