311-160-5 ranchdogmolds

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mike corbett posted this 03 May 2015

This morning went to range with my encore 7.62x39  with a mgm barrel. The load was 20.5grs of REloader7 with the ranchdog bullets 50 yard group was 11/16 for 3 shots .The 100 yard groups 1 and 9/16 and 2 and a 1/4  with 2 of them 7/8 inch apart  using a 4 power scope .I was very impressed with this mold and how the bullet fit the barrel. Great mold design!

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onondaga posted this 04 May 2015

http://castbulletassoc.org/view_user.php?id=7880>mike corbett

That is a nice bullet, I load it for Deer with my Remington Spartan single shot 7.62X39


The Deer Load I worked up for my rifle consistently groups under 1"@50 yards:

RD 165 FNGC #2 Alloy sized/checked .312", tumble lubed 45:45:10 once before and once after size/check. Aluminum 31 Cal. gas checks now but was using copper before.

26.0 grains AA2230 2052 fps chronograph verified from my 24” chrome lined barrel.

A couple custom mold makers are making copies of the RD bullet molds since RD has closed.

These bullets are a solid 30 caliber killer and work well for me.


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