357 Herret best cb's & loads

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mike0841 posted this 06 January 2015

As there has been talk about a possible class for TC shooters I need some info about good bullets and loads for the 357 Herrett 14” so I can work up a match load.  I would also like to try it next season on deer. Mike

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Bud Hyett posted this 06 January 2015

T/C Contender with Bullberry 12 inch full bull barrel profile. This barrel has a tight chamber and I never got very far above the starting loads because of that situation. Burris 5X scope for testing and 2X for hunting / plinking in the desert. Powders were IMR 4227 and Alliant Reloder #7 as these two powders worked well in the .30 Herrett. I never got very far above the starting loads due to a tight chamber.

Cases were W-W that were stretched for .38-55 since I had sold both Marlin 1893 .38-55 carbines and necking down is easier than necking up. Cases were trimmed to nominal length and then neck-turned to .012 wall thickness when I found the tight chamber.

Bullets were the RCBS 35-180-SIL and 35-200 FN, and SAECO 245 grain FN. They were sized .358 because of the tight chamber, lubricated with Gray's 24, cast of 94/4/2 Pb/Sb/Sn alloy and water-dropped from the mold. Seating depth on each bullet was into the leade to have slight engraving marks on the bullet and the barrel closed with slight resistance.

The RCBS bullets shot reliable two-inch 5-shot groups at 100 yards and the SAECO shot reliable three-inch groups. This grouping may have been influenced by fatigue since I shot the RCBS loads first. I know the RCBS 35-200-FN and the SAECO both shot well in another rifle in .35 Remington. I never shot too many groups with this combination since this was a hunting load to take to the Mojave Desert and play with. I recommend the RCBS 30-200-FN since it is more comfortable to shoot over a course of fire; however, I have knowledge on good authority from the Florida friend with the .35 Remington that the 245 grain SAECO is a real alligator killer.

Farm boy from Illinois, living in the magical Pacific Northwest

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