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karlrudin posted this 16 January 2017

I used to place a fan behind me while casting to blow the fumes out of my small shop (10' x 12'). This definitely caused a problem in the winter because I didn't want to freeze lol. So I finally got around to putting in a power vent for my cast pot. The down pipe is removable when not in use and the metal panel covering the fan is screwed in so if or when the fan goes out it can easily be replace. Worked great even when fluxing the pot with pine saw dust. Winter casting to commence. All for $15 minus the fan.

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onondaga posted this 17 January 2017

That looks great except you have no hand room for pot top access, Consider a small 1'x1' hood with some hand room below. I cast under my kitchen window with a small dual exhaust fan that works great and gives plenty of hand room to the top of the pot:

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karlrudin posted this 17 January 2017

Sorry I didn't mention. None of the pipes are fixed in place except where I taped the joint at the upper part of the elbow. The pipe over the cast pot can be easily moved to the side and then it will swing back into place.


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Tooweels posted this 17 January 2017

Well done Karlrudin ! next time you flux you will smile when you see all that nasty smoke dumped outside and well away from your lungs , the good thing also is the stuff you cant see is also getting pushed outside away from you, Like Gary said a small hood above the pot will make life easier I used a 5 gallon oil container and fitted that to my vent line approx. 8-10 inchs above my pot

Happy Casting

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karlrudin posted this 19 January 2017

I would have used a window fan and drew the fumes out that way, but I have no windows. When I bought this shop, I made sure of it. I live in a great neighborhood with good neighbors(on their side of the fence) but we all know Murphy and evil doers are out there and I didn't want to make it easy for them to break in

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