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pappymike posted this 22 December 2021

Took my Super blackhawk to test a load . the first load was 20gr. 2400 under a 429421 with a bhn of 12 sized to .431, powder coated and lubed and at 50yds shot approximately a 3" group( not what i was hoping for).  The next six were the exact same load sized to .430 and they shot 1.75" at 50yds(exactly what i was hoping for). The odd thing is my cylinder throats are .4315. My take on this is i guess you can sometimes squeeze the bullet too much in the barrel causing poor accuracy, not that a 3" group won't kill a deer at 50yds but i feel better shooting at them with a sub 2" grouping load. Just thought i would pass this along and maybe help someone else that is having a problem and isn't afraid to go against what we have always been told about the bullet having to match the cylinder throat.

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GBertolet posted this 23 December 2021

Possibly the .430 bullets were obturating in front of 30k + of pressure. But I would not consider one group, as concrete evidence of grouping performance. Try several groups, and see if you can repeat those results. Either way, that is good shooting.

I have the same revolver, using the same bullet, with 21 gr 2400. That is as high as I can go without the cases starting to stick on extraction. I used to use the old Elmer Keith load, of 22 gr with the old 2400, with no issues, but the newer production 2400, limits me to 21 gr. They claim there was no change in the powder????

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pappymike posted this 23 December 2021

It has repeated this type of groupings with bullets in the 15 to 18 bhn range but i could never get it to group using bullets sized to .431. It has always liked the .430 bullets whether they were powder coated or just lubed. I have read that the alliant is a touch faster than the old hercules. The next step is to take it to 20.5gr 2400 and see if it holds group wise and if it does i want to try my hand at 100yds. This was shot using a rest i only wish i could shoot that good off hand. This gun has always shot well.

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Larry Gibson posted this 23 December 2021

At the expense of being called a heretic, I'll mention "fit" is not always "king" as you have found out.  Some years back I had access to a very well mounted and sturdy Ransom Rest.  The owner and I did a lot of testing with various handguns and loads at 50 yards.  Most "groups" were with two cylinders of magazines of ammunition for the handgun.   

With cast bullets we found bullets if sized more than .002 over the barrel groove diameter most often did not give better accuracy than the bullets sized .002 over.  That was even with cylinder throats larger than the sized bullets.  I size my own cast bullets (a lot of 429421s BTW) at .430 for use in my own Ruger FTBH 44 Magnum.  It had .431 throats also.


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