New Old Stock Leupold VARI X111 3.5X10

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mashburn posted this 21 January 2021

I ran across a new old stock Leupold Vari X111 3.5X10 a couple of days ago and went back yesterday and purchased it at a very low price. There is quite a story behind why that scope was still around in new condition but I won't go into that. There was about 10 new old stock Leupold scopes, one Bausch and Lomb and one Burris. I wished I had had money to purchase all of them.

I had a naked Ruger No,1 setting around here and it now is wearing the Leupold 3.5x10 and does it look pretty. I wanted a compact scope on it and had a new Burris 3x9 compact but it was matt finished and looked ugly setting on that shiny Ruger No.1. Like I said, I wanted a smaller scope but the Leupold  looks great. I've been buying good condition older Leupolds for several years but this is the first new old stock I had found.


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Rum River posted this 21 January 2021

I think these are great scopes - have a couple of them.

One is on a 700 Remington Classic chambered for 300 Weatherby. That rig got knocked around "quite a bit" on an elk hunt once-upon-a-time. (Long story) Got home and was wondering if it had truly held zero through it all or I had just been lucky enough to flinch exactly right when the critical moment arrived. My zero distance was 200 yards, from the bench a single round from that cold and still dirty rifle landed less than an inch from "the spot".

I love it when a plan comes together.....

"Well hell boys. I'd damn sight rather be hung by my friends than by a bunch'a damn strangers."

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Wheel Weights posted this 24 January 2021

what is the Bausch & Lomb.

I have many.

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ray h posted this 24 January 2021

Do you make scope adjustment with the base??  What period is that from, late 50's?

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Bud Hyett posted this 25 January 2021

The good thing about this series is the tapered crosshair, showed up as needed into the darkness of late evening. Great scope for clarity and durability, the mount was aggravating. 

The bad thing, you had to loosen one side and then move the other for windage. Even with the markings on the mount, the varying pressure meant you had several to many attempts to end with the crosshairs point on. 

The same way for elevation, trial and error, trial and error, trial and error.

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