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Boschloper posted this 13 June 2023

I plan to switch from H110 to 2400 when my current can runs out. Reason is that I want to use the same powder for my .44 mag. hunting loads and my .30-30 and.30-06 target loads.  The ultimate goal is to reduce the types of powder that I keep on hand.

I’m looking for a starting point for the.44 mag.

Looking thru the manuals that I have, the 1988 Hercules pamphlet lists 20.6 as maximum, the Lyman 3rd edition lists 19.4 to 23.4, and the Alliant web site lists 20.0.  I also have an old magazine article by Elmer Keith where he recommends 22.0 grains.

The bullet I am using is the Lyman 429421, powder coated.

I will be shooting these in a Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter.

So my question is: For anyone loading .44 mag. close to maximum, with 429421 and 2400, what charge are you using?

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Clod Hopper posted this 13 June 2023

Lyman 50th Reloading Handbook says start at 20.5 to max 20.6 grains.


Lyman Third Edition Cast Bullet says start at 19.4 grains and go up to 23.5 max.  I would not go past Keith's load of 22 grains.  I would start at 18 and work up slowly and stop when I got an accurate load.  Alliant Powder who makes the 2400 powder says 20 grains max for a 255 cast .44 bullet.  They have better measuring today.  I am sure your Ruger SBH will handle this, but can you?  I would want the lead to have a bhn of 12-15.  Size the bullets to the cylinder throats.  Sized bullet should push through cylinder throats for most accurately.  Do not be  afraid to shoot them unsized either. 

Dale M. Lock

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Larry Gibson posted this 13 June 2023

I have extensively pressure tested 2400, both Hercules and Alliant, in the 44 Magnum cartridge.  The test barrel is a Contender and the pressure is measured via an Oehler M43.

Using 252 - 254 gr bullets, fully dressed, of either a Lyman 429421 or an RCBS 44-250-KT cast of COWW+2% tin size .430 and lubed with BAC or NRA 50/50 lube loaded over 22 gr of Alliant 2400 (various lots) in Winchester cases using WLP primers produces 33 - 36,000 psi.  That is just under /over the SAAMI MAP.  It is my standard general purpose magnum load in my Ruger BHFT (50th Anniversary) and Colt Anaconda.  


Concealment is not cover.........

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Ed Harris posted this 14 June 2023

On the low end, 16 grains of Alliant #2400 is accurate and gives 1080 fps from my 4-inch barrel S&W Model 29 with 266-grain Saeco #441, which generally resembles #429421. I do not recommend further reduction of the charge in .44 Magnum brass.

73 de KE4SKY In Home Mix We Trust From the Home of Ed's Red in "Almost Heaven" West Virginia

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lotech posted this 14 June 2023

I no longer load .44 Magnum but did for decades. I used 18 grs. #2400 and the Lyman #429421. Muzzle velocity was 1,000 fps from my  4"  M29 and 1125 from 6"  M29. The HP version of the same bullet design gave 1190 from the 6" gun. 20 grs. #2400 with this same bullet in the same gun was 1246 with very good accuracy. The #429244 design is virtually interchangeable with #429421 and velocities are very close with same powder charges. 

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shastaboat posted this 14 June 2023

I've been searching for an 8# jug of Alliant 2400.  No on line seller has any in stock. I ended up ordering an 8# jug of Accurate #7.  Does anyone have any experience with it for .223, magnum pistol calibers and other cast rifle calibers?

Because I said so!

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Eutectic posted this 14 June 2023

I did not like H110, it only worked well in maximum loads and did not work in cold weather.
2400 performed much better. I worked up to 22.4 grains behind Lyman's 429421, regular primers worked better than magnum no matter what some manuals said. Velocity is 1250 in a 6" which is plenty for hunting bison.

Lacking bison in Georgia you can load down 2400 as Lotec said, but you get some unburned powder. I prefer to go to a medium speed powder like Herco or Power Pistol, ~ 9 grains will deliver 1000 fs burns clean and is accurate.


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Qc Pistolero posted this 25 September 2023

In my Superblackhawk I used 20.5/2400 under the RCBS 250KT.More than that and my primers started to protest.I now use H110.

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Bud Hyett posted this 25 September 2023

After many years of beating my hand, the .44 Magnum Load has became:

  • Heavy Load: 20.5 grains of Alliant 2400, W-W Large Pistol primer, Ohaus copy of the Keith 429421, wheelweight alloy.
  • Lighter Load: 18.0 grains of Alliant 2400, W-W Large Pistol primer, Ohaus copy of the Keith 429421, wheelweight alloy. 

This is in three Super Black Hawks and two Marlin 1894 carbines.

Farm boy from Illinois, living in the magical Pacific Northwest

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