Casting, coating, and asking for clarification

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Lee Guthrie posted this 01 December 2022

Stopped by one of the FaceBook groups for cast bullets this past week and noticed a post from an inDUHvidual (spelling intended) claiming to cast, coat, and load 113 gr bullets at 3500 fps from a 30-06, and touting their "accuracy" along with the ability to poke holes in steel plates at multiple hundreds of yards.

I inquired as to his definition of "accuracy", since he didn't describe it (beyond being able to hit a steel plate at 50-60 yards).  I was informed he could hit an 8 inch plate at 200-300 yards and that he was getting 2 inch groups.

I marveled at his success, ability, and inquired as to his way of achieving same.   Also, since I am from Missouri, I may have said something about "show me".

I was told to not be a "dick". 

Surprisingly there was no evidence produced.  I guess some places and their participants are not open to discussion.  tongue-out

I'm probably now banned from another FaceBook group..............

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Eutectic posted this 01 December 2022

They probably read the gunzines and buy the latest new products. None of those reviews are ever bad, 100% perfect batting average, hard to find in the real world. 

I am from Missouri too, born in Windsor. Something about the soil makes you skeptical. I am sure it is the soil, because the city folks see little soil and tend to believe all the dirt that falls from the mouths of politicians. 

No loss to you, that is not a group which will add anything to the knowledge base of cast bullet shooting. big_grin

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SouthDakota4440 posted this 01 December 2022

Amen brother.  It just isn't the cast bullet groups either, you ought to see what's out there for shot shell loads!


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Aaron posted this 02 December 2022

Same for the diving scene. Years ago when Trimix was mystery gas, we in the tech diving community formed chat groups online to share decompression algorithm theory, technique, lessons learned, accelerated decompression with high O2 deco gas, cave diving lessons, and shipwreck lessons. When I left the diving community 10 years ago, everybody wanted to buy their way into the "tech diver" community with a $12,000 Cis Lunar rebreather. Needless to say, we experienced the watering down in value of the chat boards for those of us who actually did the diving and some of us who watched very good friends DIE while learning those lessons.

When I taught technical decompression diving, the quality of the attending students degraded FAST and at the end of my teaching career, I was turning away more students than I was accepting due to lack of prerequisite experience and knowledge. They were stunned that they could not just purchase their certifications. Anyway, I digress.

I too have left all but this shooting venue due to the nonsense experienced on the others. I certainly don't know everything about handloading, casting, marksmanship, repair, paper cartridges, and BPCR shooting but I have enough sense to keep my yap shut about things I know very little about. I can "listen in" as it were and then ask my ridiculous questions. Fortunately on this venue, folks have answered my questions with hard data and experience. What a refreshing change from the other boards where every user was a Navy Seal Sniper or secret CIA agent trained to do whatever they do. Golly.

OK....enough of a soap box. Let me go back to listening and when I see something I really have experience with, I'll chime in.


With rifle in hand, I confidently go forth into the darkness.

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Buttersdad posted this 03 December 2022

I'd like that info too, I'd love to get that kind of accuracy from my cast pills, WOW! 

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