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longhunter posted this 28 February 2022


The Bunny match is moving along.  All that have signed up have been sent targets.

My Email: [email protected]

Or Phone: 6087970056

Address: 4499 Pfeffer Valley Rd.

La Crescent MN 55947

Any Questions or interest let me know.



Jon Welda CW5 USA Ret.

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Glaciers posted this 09 March 2022

Jon, sent you an email this morning.  Didn’t see this about the Bunny Match as I’ve been off line since Christmas.  But I’d like to participate, as you reached in your hat and pulled out the date of April 30th, is it possible to reach in again and see if there’s a May 30th in there?  Just hoping.  

current conditions:

that’s Biscuit helping me dig a path to my shop this last weekend.  Breakup happens about mid April if we’re lucky, probably going to be late this year.  We have snow on the ground from October till mid April.  This winter started September 20th with snow.  It will probably stay late.

would like to use 3 rifles.  Also what’s a good donation?


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Fitzpatrick posted this 03 March 2022

Sent you a e-mail, is there a limit on how many guns one person can compete with?

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longhunter posted this 04 March 2022

Sorry If I didn't see it yet. I noticed I had 316 emails in my in box.

No limit on how many guns you can shoot. Just send me your request and I will mail them out.


Jon Welda CW5 USA Ret.

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longhunter posted this 10 March 2022

Email has been sent.

If people want to shoot the "Bunny" email me and I will send you a target or how ever many you would like.


Jon Welda CW5 USA Ret.

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barra posted this 20 March 2022

Stopped raining after a few weeks today but a bit windy and dicey

 I wasn’t game to use one of my precious practice targets.

I’ll have to lift my game a bit.

These bunnies looked hard at 50 yards.

Had ago at 100 yards and guesstimated hold over instead of dialing up. All I did was hit near their feet and sprayed them with dirt.

Held the 300 mtre gong’s head down with withering fire for a while.

The blob on the left of the target .

Got that load pretty sorted but it’s hard to know where you hit when there is no dust flying out that far with just my 1x magnifying lenses.

Got it pretty well dialed in the end.

Back to casting and loading for me.

 I may have to get mo serious 





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longhunter posted this 20 March 2022


Looks like pretty good shooting to me.

I look forward to seeing your completed target.

Remember this is fun!

Spring is here so i hope people can enjoy the match.

Good shooting to all.


Jon Welda CW5 USA Ret.

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jeff houck posted this 21 March 2022

I've been out for this last year due to cancer surgery and then Covid. So now I'm a long hauler. I'm hopefully going to be able to start shooting again when the weather warms up.

So my question is what target are you using? I have one from 2 years ago Is it the one? Has a closing date been set yet?

Thanks, Jeff

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longhunter posted this 21 March 2022

Hi Jeff,

The old target would be a good practice target.  I have added some more number values for different areas of the target for the match.

You can shoot as many as you want. One per gun! You will get one practice target and one match target.  50 yd. Distance.

Due date 30 April 2022. Post marked. 6X max for scopes any field position no Bench rest.

Email me with questions or an order

Hope to hear from you,


[email protected]

608 797 0056



Jon Welda CW5 USA Ret.

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barra posted this 03 April 2022

Thought I  would bump this back  to the top 

Think I may use this load for the shoot.

Stuck out the practice target and eye balled it off and on so I can get a feel for the rabbits hopping the other way and how it looked in my irons.

Off the bench with some bags .

Next to find a adequate position to shoot from and have a bit of a blast and see if I can come close to this.

‘It must have been the shifting wind and one of my shots was with a completely different bullet all together!

The mirage was horrendous and the sweat fogged my glasses up on a couple of shots.

I may have to try and pay attention to what I’m doing and maybe weigh some bullets and be more aggressive and cull some.

still these hollow points aren’t the easiest to cast.

 I did find one that was bent Like a banana and threw it in the pot to remelt

Anyone else  been wasting precious commodities practicing?


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John Alexander posted this 03 April 2022

I woulda saved all those excuses for a bad target.  That looks like ten dead rabbits to me.  Nice shooting.


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longhunter posted this 04 April 2022


What great shooting.

We do have so much talent and experience in this organization.

I received the first target yesterday from the group of competitors. It is a great target.

So keep a fine sight.

More to come


Jon Welda CW5 USA Ret.

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barra posted this 16 April 2022

 The weather is supposed to turn foul for the next few weeks at least ; so I went and shot my targets.

‘Snap shot them like real ones.


target 1

7.62x33Rimmed loaded with 3.27 grains bulleye and tuft of Dacron over 150 grain  hollow point mihec bullet.

cast 50/50 ww new/lead. Hand Lubed with 50beeswax/50vasalene. S&B srp.

I make it 5x5 + 3x9= 25+27=52.

Shot sitting peep sight.

Second Target

Martini Cadet 0.310"

120 gn RCBS over 2.3 grn bullseye tuft of Dacron set off with cci srp.

shot standing post.

score 9x5 + 10= 55.

What can I say.

‘I would have brung 18 rabbits home to gut and skin which would have been alright.

My parents would have chastised me for not head shooting them and making them worthless to sell.

Buggar that

‘At mostly 60 years old , and iron sights ; I’ll take what I can get and I’m supposed to be eating less anyway.

Ha…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.



p.s For punishment for botching up ….I kicked a coke can and a milky drink bottle around the 50 yard line for 30 or so shots with each gun off hand and only missed 3 times.


Thanks for letting me play.

It’s been good fun and gave me something to look forward too, and a diversion from all that stuff that’s going on at present in the world. 


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longhunter posted this 18 April 2022


Nice Shooting.  Yep 18 dead bunnies.

Ill get your score and numbers put down in the book.

Thank you for playing.

I have had so much fun with this bunny shoot.  I have met and made so many new friends and have had old ones come to play this Rabbit game.

We will keep at it. send me your scores and info.





Jon Welda CW5 USA Ret.

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beltfed posted this 18 April 2022

Had health restrictions and, of course crappy weather, snowed in range, etc for a good deal of time. 

Now 10 days after my Carotid Artery surgery.. I hope I can get out to play this game before

the end of April deadline. I have several rifles/entries I would like to shoot at those rabbits.


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longhunter posted this 19 April 2022


Take your time.  Just get them to me when you can. We want to make this fun not put you back in the Hospital.

Our weather has been bad also.  Winter can go away now!!!!



Jon Welda CW5 USA Ret.

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beltfed posted this 19 April 2022

A BIG Thank You, Jon

I hope I can get out next week .


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barra posted this 20 April 2022

Don’t go popping anything Beltfed Be safe and healthy

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beltfed posted this 21 April 2022

Thank you all for your concern


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