Another Useful .30-30 CB Hunting Load

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Wilderness posted this 03 August 2023

My .30-30 reduced load for hunting is Lyman #311576HP, alloy a little harder than #2, 112 gns gas checked and lubed, with 12 gns Unique. Velocity in a 24” barrel is 1930 fps.

The load was arrived at by a ladder type process to achieve a useful 50 m POI with the rifle zeroed for full power hunting loads, originally with jacketed bullets.

My current .30-30 hunting load is a 175 gn hard cast HP at 2200 fps. With the rifle zeroed for 150 m with this load, the lighter load is about ½” low at 50 meters and groups 1”-2” for five shots.

I use this load, without the need for sight adjustment, for rabbits, finishing  off pigs, for small hogs, and for situations requiring less noise. It is actually quite effective on body shots on immature pigs, with the base of the bullet frequently passing right through the animal. Also very good on dogs. The hollow extends only to the top of the first grease groove, leaving the base intact and free to penetrate.

The same bullet and load in .308 shoots 1875 fps and groups a little better. POI is bang on at 50  m with the rifle zeroed with 165 gn jacketed bullets for 200 m. Same application, but more incentive to use the cast loads, with Sierra bullets costing $1 each.









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Spindrift posted this 05 August 2023

Sounds like a nice, practical and frugal load! It is really neat when two loads with such different uses will shoot with the same sight adjustment. Nice setup!

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mashburn posted this 08 August 2023

Hello Wilderness,

What powder and how many grs. are you shooting with the heavy load?

David a. Cogburn

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Wilderness posted this 08 August 2023


I am currently loading the big stuff to about 2200 fps using 32 gns LeveRevolution, but am inclined now to hoard my last pound for jacketed bullets. Equally good, maybe better, at that speed is 33 gns 748, and that gets used next. In the past I have used 32 gns 2208/Varget for a bit under 2200. The LVR load can be lifted to 34 gns for 2300 fps. The most accurate was the 2208 (average of 8 x 5 shot groups sub 2" at 100 m), though the comparison is confounded by the old range having had a block wall down each side and the current one being open to the wind.

Heavy load starts with a sized down #U321297HP. Lube and gas check in Lyman .323" then size down in Lee dies in two steps to .312". The .312" bullet loads with minimal neck clearance, and I load to 2.500" COL for reliable function is a Savage 99. Result is a longer bearing surface and about 2 gns less powder for the same velocity than for Larry Gibson's CB LeveRevolution data.

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mashburn posted this 09 August 2023

thanks again Wilderness,

Thanks for your help, and I will definitly start to work on it, when I improve some more in my mobility. I have a good supply of all the powders that you used. I can't wait to try this.


David a. Cogburn

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