45 colt duck gun

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delmarskid posted this 24 February 2018

A few months ago I picked up a Stevens single .410. I don't remember the model but it looks like the Savage 219 I used to have. It was cheap. What we call a "milk house gun" up here.  They live in the barn to wipe out vermin and sick cats. Well anyway I wanted to shoot this thing and I didn't feel like buying shells. I did remember that I had about 20 45 colt loads from way back and they fit the chamber well enough so I shot them through the smooth bore and hit the paper at 15 feet with the bullets going through face first. I was surprised and now had empty cases as well. So I re-primed them , dropped 4g of bullseye, a card wad for the 45-70, as much no.6 as they would then hold and topped with another card. These were patterned on a piece of carboard at 10 long paces and printed a nice even 6" pattern. Now Betty and I have been harboring and feeding Muscovy ducks for about three years. We started with 5 hens and a drake (Mandrake by name). We should have named him Abraham because we now have about 65 of these things crawling, eating, and the other all over the place. They breed like mosquitoes and nobody wants them. They do eat good but are a bear to pluck and dress. I don't chase things too good anymore so these 45 colt shot loads are just the ticket. I can snuff a big drake and skin out the breast in about 15 minutes. I have 28 breasts soaking in a pastrami brine as I type this. 14 carcasses are at the edge of the woods and some coyote is going to get the bloat.

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RicinYakima posted this 24 February 2018

You need to follow Ed Harris's adventures with the .410 barrels.

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Ed Harris posted this 24 February 2018

The Starline 5 in 1 blank cases will work great in that thing, but if you have a supply of .45 Colts and they are working I won't argue with success, 



buon appetito!

73 de KE4SKY In Home Mix We Trust From the Home of Ed's Red in "Almost Heaven" West Virginia

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delmarskid posted this 24 February 2018

They work on chickens too! Brewster the Rooster attacked Mz. Betty once too often and waiting for the scalding water bath while I type. I may look into those blanks. Thanks for the recipe. We have PLENTY of opportunities to try new things. 

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oscarflytyer posted this 25 February 2018

lol!  screw the gun!  I am jealous of the duck breasts!!!!


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delmarskid posted this 03 March 2018

Well, the final count ended being 25 Muscovy drakes made the final cut. Five or six are still lurking in the weeds. They are some cagey buggers. I put 30 breasts that had been in brine since last week into the smoker. I'm using pecan pellets as I am too lazy to chip up the cherry or apple that is all over the place. The little tender loins under the breasts turned out to be not so tender so they were ground and stuffed into bratwurst with chipotle powder and heavy cream mixed in them. The rest of the sausage mix is baking in the oven in a loaf pan for sandwich meat. I got tired of making shot shells so I shot the rest with the .22. Problem solved!

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