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nworegonman posted this 5 days ago

Hi All,  I recently purchased a 1873 Trapdoor Springfield.  It needs some love and I an going through that, but when I get it together, I would like to shoot it.  Anybody have Brass, bullets, dies, mold they would be willing to sell? 

I would love to start with a dozen or so casings and 405 gr hollow base cast bullets. 

I would love a full set of full length dies, but would do a hand loader also.




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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 4 days ago

if it would help i could spare 10 of 45-70 brass 

i could full length size them. and if you stick to mild loads you probably would not need to size them again.

since you have a single shot, just use a waxy lube and that would keep your bullets from falling out.

if you like i could turn you a simple primer knock-out rod.

all for postage, pm me if.



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nworegonman posted this yesterday

Thank you very much Ken.  PM sent.  Nick

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