400 Corbon

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Millelacs posted this 2 weeks ago

I just picked up a .400 Corbon barrel, Lee dies, 250 PRIMED reformed casings, and J bullet loading data.

Regretfully cast loading data was not included, and I have been unable to find any in my manuals or on-line.

Any recommendations for - a mold
.                                           proper sized bullet diameter
.                                           loading data

Many Thanks.


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Eutectic posted this 2 weeks ago

The 400 Corbon is an interesting cartridge. It is a 45 ACP case necked down to 40 caliber and headspace is on the shoulder.

The attractions were simple conversion by barrel replacement in 1911s, easy one pass conversion of 45 ACP brass, ability to roll crimp, lighter bullets - more velocity.

Disadvantages were 45 ACP pressure limits (often ignored by reloaders), short neck - cast bullets seat with lube grooves in the powder space.

I never had one. Friends tried it, some liked it "feeds perfectly", "lower recoil", "accurate". Probably as accurate as the pistol and barrel combination. Like the .38/45 Clerke it faded quickly, no real advantage. 10mm and 40 S&W are superior.

Bullet size is 0.401 (check your barrel) I would look for a bullet with a correct crimp groove.

Check the barrel for feed ramp support, if you have full chamber support you can push to 45 ACP +P levels.

Watch out for hot loads on the internet. People tried to hot rod the 400 Corbon, but the 45 ACP case limits the pressure!

Check the recommended jacketed loads you have, are they reasonable? Others here may help.

Sorry, I do not have cast bullet loads. I would reduce jacketed loads 10% as a start.

Let us know how it works for you.



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