25-20 Brass

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Aaron posted this 21 April 2024

The good news is that MidwayUSA has 25-20 brass available. The bad news is that it is EXPENSIVE. $120.00 plus shipping and tax for 50 pieces. And yes, one must buy the loaded ammunition to source the brass.

I sure wish Starline would make this.


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beemer posted this 26 April 2024

If Winchester is selling loaded ammo for that price I don't think we will see any brass for the hand loader. Last ammo I saw was 8-9 years ago it was $85 a box, with the new economy $120 is about right. Don't believe I gave that much for a Savage 23 with a scope and a double handful of brass, of course that was 25 years ago.

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Eddie Southgate posted this 4 weeks ago

I got two boxes about three years ago from my local dealer for $45.00 per box marked down from their regular price of $65.00 . Don't normally buy ammo especially expensive ammo but , everybody was out of brass. and had been for a good while. Going price on brass then was $15.00 per 100 when you could find it. 

Star Line won't make it .


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Bud Hyett posted this 4 weeks ago

This is a hard case to form for some reason and I do not understand why. We talked with Starline's production metallurgist who said they lose too many in setup for too few orders. My latest .25-20 WCF brass was made from once-fired .32-20 Starline brass. 

The steps were: 

  • Clean with steel pins to assure being clean.
  • Anneal.
  • Lube with Imperial Sizing Die Wax.
  • Size in seating die with the seating stem removed. 
  • Relubricate with Imperial Sizing Die Wax. 
  • Size about one-third down in Sizing die.
  • Size another one-third down in Sizing die.
  • Size the final one-third down in Sizing die.
  • Clean again to remove the sizing die wax.
  • Trim.

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