1902 bsa no1*

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pisco posted this 16 July 2020

My mate has inherited his great grandfathers old 303 it was cut down and is well shot out but it is still a family hair loom it is fitted with a lithgow H barrel we fired some old ex mil loads through it and it was not very accurate so I recrowned the barrel and we loaded some 194gr cast it is a lee mould lapped out to .322” and g/c I gave him a full wood set to make it look the part i had to do a bedding job to fit it

I loaded up 16 gr ar2205 [H4227] he was home for a couple of days this week so we went out to mates place and he worked the sights out on paper then shot the rest at steel plates I couldn’t wipe the smile off his face .

the old girl must be worn with a 8mm projectile the neck is pushed out and still closes good with the big round nose projectile it fills the throat just right it shoots a 80-100mm 10 shot group at 100y

the original bolt has been misplaced so he picked another up at a gun show so never give up on a old war horse 

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 16 July 2020

good story ... since we have been reviewing a bit of the history of the CBA here  ...... it is nice to think that some of the knowledge we have accumulated can be applied to improving the performance of some old favorite guns ...


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pisco posted this 16 July 2020

You would be gutted to see what happened to a 7x 57 bore war rifle that my mates grandmother gave her youngest daughter she has had it welded up so she can hang it on the wall [moungrel gun laws in Australia] lucky my mate got the 303

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Wheel Weights posted this 19 July 2020

Heirloom. Boer war

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Mike H posted this 20 July 2020

I have a LSA (London Small Arms Co) 1902 Mk 1*,fortunately it is pretty good condition,it has been shortened to what some call a range patten Rifle.

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