Cleaning out a sizer/luber

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Idaho Sharpshooter posted this 06 December 2007

okay, I'll bite; how do you guys get lube out of a LAMII when you want to change lubes?

My wife doesn't get home for another hour, so an hour ago I cleaned it as best I could, and put it in the oven at 300-degrees.

I gotta go look.


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fa38 posted this 07 December 2007

Heat gun, hair dryer, or boiling water.  None of these are as hazardus as the oven.  Or perhaps your wife is used to these peccadilloes.


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CB posted this 07 December 2007

Hummm... I would not put it in the oven.. Less your dinner will taste like what ever you had in the luber. I know this to be fact, either that or it was a really bad batch of meat loaf!

Garage, hot air gun, brake cleaner, possibly even a propane torch if it is cold where you are.

Strip as much of the guts out of the luber as you can, die, forcing screw, plunger, stop screw, everything you can.

Get a bucket or trash can with a liner in it to catch the old lube drippings.Place it underneath.

Start melting! Finish off with spraying it out with brake cleaner to get it nice and clean.

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Idaho Sharpshooter posted this 07 December 2007

I was lucky, it was BP lube. 50/50 Beeswax and Beef Tallow. Ran the fan on high for about forty-five minutes and she never even noticed a trace of odor. I stripped it completely down first and dug what I could out.

I need to plug Robert Stillwell. I built a 550 Magnum Wildcat on the 505 Gibbs case. NEI sent me a 780gr RFN mould. Robert opened up a LAMII H&I die from .511” to .5515” to size the bullets. Joel at NEI cut the cherry to cast about .553” from WW. Robert cut a slight taper at the mouth, and those Nine-to-the-Pound!! babies slid right in and popped out at .552"...round to a couple 10ths.


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inverness posted this 07 November 2008

Boil it......

just make sure you use an old pot. save the water and when it cools the old lube will set on the top and can be recovered.

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hunterspistol posted this 08 November 2008

 I heard one of the other guys talking about pouring boiling water through it, might work!

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mtgrs737 posted this 16 December 2008

Put it in a large kettle of boiling water after removing as much as you can. Lube will float to the top and solidify so you can skim it off when cool. I have removed old hard commercial lube from purchased bullets this way and it works great!

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Dale53 posted this 20 December 2008

>>>I need to plug Robert Stillwell<<<

I always thought Robert was a nice guy...;)

For some reason, I lost part of my post. I'll try again.

I have tried most ways to remove lube from a lube sizer. I have settled on using a heat gun. It is quick, relatively easy, and you won't be tasting bullet lube with your next meal.

I line the bottom of a shoe box with aluminum foil, hold the luber (stripped of its various parts) over the box with a pair of pliers (the luber gets hot - that's how you melt the lube:D), heat the luber with the heat gun and the lube drips into the box.

You DO need to exercise a modicum of care as the heat gun DOES get hot:uhuhuh:.


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bpd303 posted this 14 February 2009

I got tired of cleaning out the lubesizer every time I wanted to switch out lubes. Picked up another Lyman 45 and am looking for a third Lyman 450, tag each sizer with the type of lube. Now all I have to clean is the H&I die and switch machines.

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PETE posted this 14 February 2009

  I'll agree with those that say find a used luber at a gun show. They seem to be a dime a dozen around here. But they also seem to come with the old Lyman black lube in them so the best way I've found is to use a heat gun. I've got one of those industrial ones, I use for other hobbies, and it cleans them out in short order.


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AMMOe posted this 14 February 2009

I have used heat and then boiling water but like others, I finally just started buying used lubrisizers. I have four of them now in use, plus a Saeco I haven't mounted. This is a timely post as I just found a Herters that takes Lyman dies but mounts in the reloading press. It is packed with some ice-blue colored lube that resists casual attempts at removal. I guess I'll break out the heat gun! ~AMMOe

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Jimlakeside posted this 16 February 2009

I boiled my Lyman 450 in one of my wife's pans. Lube came right out and stuck to the sides of the pan. Had to get her a new pan. Never did get that lube off.

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