ID this 38 special case

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30shtur posted this 24 April 2015

I have a .38 special brass case with the headstamp: I What is this headstamp, and is it good for reloading medium velocities?

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onondaga posted this 24 April 2015>30shtur

OK, I'll guess they are from Israel.

Anyway, if they are Boxer primed, and real brass they are likely easy to reload no matter what the head stamp says,  Have you tried to load any?


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Notlwonk posted this 24 April 2015

I had a box of 45's a few years back with the “I” head stamp. Box was marked Independent Cartridge or some such. I'm thinking they were a cheap CCI product or possibly an offshoot company.

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358156hp posted this 24 April 2015

Independence Ammo... Low budget stuff.

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Ed Harris posted this 24 April 2015

Independence Ammo is owned by ATK, which is the same parent company which owns Federal, CCI and Speer. The brass is OK.

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