WTB. .44 cal mold wadcutter

  • Last Post 23 February 2022
2frogs posted this 21 February 2022

Looking for 44 cal. Full wad cutter mold. Lee used to make one. Thanks

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Eutectic posted this 23 February 2022

Accurate 43-249H works excellently for me in several revolvers and a Henry carbine.
The seating depth and weight are the same as the popular Lyman 429421 SWC, so data is plentiful.

You did not mention weight, Accurate has several 44 wadcutter designs, you should be able to find one to suit your needs.



Dimensioned view of bullet 43-249H

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 23 February 2022

Speaking of Lee ... Consider their 310 gr mold ... Great shooter and kinda a wad cutter ... My best mold in my 36 twist rifle .

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