Windhill February Match

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Oquawka posted this 25 February 2018

February 17th started out to be a great day. We had10 shooters, course of fire was 10 Score. Scope was our biggest class. At 100 yards Gerry Young won the first relay with 98-5x. I won the 292nd relay with 99-3x. But it was Terry O'Neill who had the best Agg with 192-5x. Dan Hudson won the Modified Iron with 192-2x.

As we were hanging the 200 yard targets I see a snowflake float down, by the time we walked back to the benches we were covered in snow! The iron sight shooters could not see the targets. Spotting scopes were not of much use. But at least the wind was easy to read. 

Steve Denger dominated the 200 yard. With a 97-3x, 96-5x and an Agg of 193-8x. His Grand Agg 383-16x meant he won the match. This is quite an achievement from when he started a few years ago. Congratulations Steve. 

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Oquawka posted this 26 February 2018



Windhill is located north of Aledo, IL. Follow Hwy 94 to Hamlet, turn West at the church. Drive until you come to the Antioch Baptist church, there will be a stop sign. Turn left and go 1 1/2 miles and look for a Cast Bullet sign on the left. Turn left up the farm lane, drive over the neighbors roof (underground house) and when the lane splits turn left again and you are there. Cell phones usually don't work there. Our next Military match is March 17.


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