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blackout52 posted this 17 October 2021

Is $2.00 a pound a good price for clip on wheel weights?

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leadhead2 posted this 17 October 2021

I don't think so, but that's just my opinion.


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Duane Mellenbruch posted this 17 October 2021

Seems high to me, but i have enough for now and am not in a panic.  You do not say if clean ingots, or raw scrap.  Price seems to vary by location also.  If you are shopping Ebay, be cautious about buying from individuals and shipping charges as well.  Roto Metals is one of several recognized sources but I did not see this on their site when I checked.

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 17 October 2021

..personally at that price i would check out Rotometals to see if they still pay the postage on larger orders .. and then go for their #2 metal ...  works great for almost all purposes ...  

and for experimenting, it is nice to not be changing your alloy each time you dump some more unknown scrap lead into your pot.



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John Carlson posted this 18 October 2021

The last I processed was 300 pounds of wheel weights from a body shop, free.  After removing all the zinc and steel I ended up with 60 pounds of alloy.  Opinions will vary on whether it is worth it even when wheel weights are free.

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Bud Hyett posted this 18 October 2021

 No! You will end up with less than half that weight in usable lead. Add in the sort for zinc wheelweights, the time and resources spent melting, the disposal of the clips and debris. you'll have at least $5.00 actual cost plus your labor. And the present wheelweights have little tin and antimony so you'll need to add these to make them hard and easy flowing.

I subscribe to the Rotometal website for sales on my Schuetzen alloy and buy 125 pounds at a time to get free shipping.

I've got a lot of scrap "wheelweight" metal and a 140 pound pot. I'm about to set up to get one homogeneous lot for next year.  

On sale now: https://www.rotometals.com/lino-alloy-pieces-32-lb-box-with-freight-4-tin-12-antimony-balance-lead/

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beltfed posted this 19 October 2021


This summer, I finally went thru 6-7 of 5 gal buckets of WW I had accumulated .

I kept track of the yield on the batches.  

Ended up with an average yield of about 65 percent  good,  clean COWW Ingots. 

I have a sorting process that I could spend some time, here and there between other chores

and the rendering down did not take much direct time at all, since I could do other stuff while the pot was 

melting down. 

Then sold the steel clips, steel WW and the zinc WW to the local scrap yard. Zinc WW go as "Irony Zinc Die cast"

Got about $30 .  Paid for the LP I used for the turkey fryer rendering down the good COWW.


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beltfed posted this 19 October 2021

BTW, I just saw a "SOLD" on Cast Boolits forum of  COWW ingots - Went for $1.75 per pound plus shipping


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MP1886 posted this 19 October 2021

Winchester done the case the way they did as they knew a tapered cases works better in AR's, both for feeding and extraction.  AR's aren't friendly with straight walled cartridge.  I own an 350 Legend and it's pretty good cartridge for it's intended purpose. 

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TRKakaCatWhisperer posted this 19 October 2021

I just got about 150-200lbs (5 gallons overflowing) for $20.  I asked, offered 15 and settled for 20.

They are where you find them, competition for them influences the price greatly.


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JeffinNZ posted this 19 October 2021

If you could be sure that every single WW was lead alloy then that price might be OK.  I will not buy WWs now unless I get to sort them first.  As others have eluded to, the net mass of lead alloy WWs in a given haul these days is much less than it was previously due to the advent of Zn and Fe units in circulation.

Cheers from New Zealand

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