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mashburn posted this 27 February 2021

I went out, to a friends house, this afternoon to deal him out of a steel cutting bandsaw. I got the band saw with a big pile of new blades, but that's not the end of the story. I now am in possession of probably 2 or more lifetimes of bullet casting alloy. I can quit worrying now about the scarcity of wheel weights. I have no idea, as of now, how many pounds of wheel weights that had been melted down and fluxed and poured into about ever shape and size of ingot. that you can imagine. And best of all, they were free!

We then spent hours going  through a lot of reloading equipment that he had inherited from his uncle. There was some equipment that I had never seen in real life, only in pictures. And there was also a lot of modern reloading equipment also. He knows nothing about reloading and has asked me to get him started.

He has a under ground poured concrete gunroom, which is part of his house, that was always full of old classic guns and he had added several that I hadn't seen a few months ago. He should have charged me an admission. He doesn't show many people his firearms and that is a very good idea. He tried to give me the band saw, just out of friendship, but I insisted on giving him some cash.

Man, did this day wind up good. I woke up this morning in pain and almost didn't go on the visit. I feel much better now.


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Wineman posted this 27 February 2021

Got a small haul last year. Guy I worked with, his girlfriend had a bunch of stuff from her late dad. Got mostly pistol bullets, 38 Sp/357 brass, a bunch of primers, and some powder. The 2400 and 4198 was fine, but the 4350 had the red dust big time (90's vintage and poor storage). Her sister got the other half of what he had. Stuff is out there but it is sometimes a full time job to find it.


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Michael S posted this 27 February 2021

   Did any of the reloading equipment that your friend inherited include the hand tool set to re size all brass shotgun shells and then re load them and crimp for 20ga?  The sizing part looks like a big dowel rod in a bigger dowel rod and the brass is inserted in a funnel or a cup looking tube and you push the dowel rood into the brass to size it back to shape. 

  Larry Porterfield did one of his MidWay USA commercials using a old timers hand set for reloading all brass shotgun shells. I call it a old timers tool since it was last made shortly after Christ was a Corporal.

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GWarden posted this 28 February 2021


Those are great experiences such as what you got to see, doesn't happen very often. I remember back in the early seventies getting to see the most exquisite and the best collection of Model 23 Winchesters. I was working in SE Iowa with another Game Warden and he told me he wanted me to stop at a gun shop in his area. The owner specialized in Win 23 , had never seen so many in one place. The owner took us into his house and down stairs and into a walk in vault that held the "good" stuff. This vault was full of the finest 23's. There was Eisenhower's engraved 23 and others of exhibition quality. After we left my friend told me I got so see what few people had. Within the next couple years the owner of the shop passed away, his son was quick to start selling off the fantastic collection his dad had spent his lifetime acquiring. Getting to see that collection was a moment to remember. The State of Iowa had a historical museum that had a large what I called hall that had the walls filled with fine old firearms in glass cases and glass cases down the middle of the hall holding beautiful long guns. Well, they built a new museum and very few of the grand collection of firearms was on display for people to see. Guess that is now being politically correct. Enough.


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