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mashburn posted this 2 weeks ago

I need parts for a 1894 Marling in 25-20. The only parts that I have is a complete rifle missing all of the action parts other than the lever and receiver. I also need a lower tang for a 86 Winchester. I would prefer a complete tang but would settle for a bare tang.

I am placing this post for a good friend of mine. This guy has more old rifle parts that anyone that I know. He will either buy the parts that I stated or he will also do interesting trades. He has a .44 Mag bolt for a 1894 Marlin if anybody needs one.

If anyone has the parts we need, send me a PM.


David Cogburn

David a. Cogburn

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Wheel Weights posted this 2 weeks ago

After you have searched the web and failed, your best bet is to look for a beater.

The prize is only worth the quest if the rifles tou want to save are VG or better.

Used Marlins at large auction houses are quite reasonable as are beater 86s.

Were they mine, I'd just part them out and buy a VG ones w/no issues.

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