The pain of mediocrity!

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G.Chapman posted this 20 March 2024

So,  after several years of not having enough time to shoot any of the postals, I swore that this year I was going to find the time. I ordered up targets for several matches, and realized a week ago that the deadline for the winter military benchrest is right around the corner.  Spent the last couple of evenings prepping brass and loading up. I closed my shop this morning and ran up to the beautiful private range I have use of with the '96 Swede, and a promising load.  I wanted to get the rounds down range before the wind came up.....

First thing, my gunshy dog jumped out of the car and headed for the hills.  I finally got him back and locked in the car and set up at the bench.  Well, this range runs west to east. Hmmmm.... Sun in my eyes,  targets not well illuminated. If I wait for the sun to be well overhead we're gonna have wind. Heck, let's shoot this match!  

Wow, bad sun,  sights for youngsters on the Swede, yeah I now believe the optometrist about those cataracts!  After lots of blinking, swearing, trying to get on the trigger before losing the front sight, I got them all fired.  So, the groups came in about DOUBLE the size of what the rifle/load are capable of.

The internal battle all the way home from the range:  Ash can these targets, or send 'em in and see my mediocrity chronicled for eternity in the F.S.?  

Hah! They're in the mail !   I can't be the first guy to have a range day like that!

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longhunter posted this 20 March 2024

I feal your pain.

We all do.


Jon Welda CW5 USA Ret.

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delmarskid posted this 20 March 2024

They say to practice the way you will complete. That’s not very encouraging for me. Oh well, the job doesn’t pay anyway.

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Glenn R. Latham posted this 20 March 2024

Welcome to the club!


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Oquawka posted this 20 March 2024

I entered the Season Offhand Iron Sights and shot the April and May targets at the Windhill Military match. Three days later I'm looking for the targets and realize I through them in the trash while cleaning up the range

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G.Chapman posted this 21 March 2024

Oquawka,  now that SUCKS!  I would have been in the dumpster for hours looking for those targets.  You know for sure you set a national record, and nobody will ever know. Well, at least you have a good story to tell your grandkids!

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Bud Hyett posted this 21 March 2024

Mediocrity is not bad, it means you have an established norm in the middle of the pack. This is goodness. Once this norm is established, you can work to improve.

There is a Doctorate in Self-Analysis for the shooter who learns to shoot great scores. Every time I start shooting poorly, I return to basics and begin self-analysis to regain my skill.

Realize that a National Record or a National Title is one abnormally high score or abnormally small group where the shooter exceeded their norm on a special day.

Farm boy from Illinois, living in the magical Pacific Northwest

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