T/C Hot Shot bbl front sight screw

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ubetcha posted this 04 January 2017

I have a T/C 10” Hot Shot bbl that I bought in the 80's when I started to shoot IHMSA silhouettes. The only thing my local gun shop had at the time was a Contender with the Hot Shot bbl and being impatient as I am I bought it. I took the rib sight off and had a scope mount installed. Now I would like to return it back to a shot bbl and can not find the front sight screw. I have everything else but the front sight elevation screw. Does anyone by chance know what size this screw would be or where one can be obtained. It doesn't screw into the bbl, but butts against the bbl and the front sight has threads on it to be moved up or down. If dimensions are available, both my sons are in the tool and die trade and hopefully one can make one for me. ( Ya Right)

  Thank you very much for any help

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David Reiss posted this 04 January 2017

Unfortunately my .44 mag Hot Shot barrel does not have the rib. But this may be obvious, but I will ask. Have you tried contacting TC or Mike Bellm? Seems to me between the two they could help.

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ubetcha posted this 04 January 2017

I have not contacted either place yet. I tried to go to the T/C web site,but my computer would not let me on due to T/C not configuring it's site properly to prevent hacking. First time I ran into something like that

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