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makpeter posted this 14 January 2021


I am thinking to start with swaging can anyone explain the difference between boattail and rebated boattail and what are the pros and cons of it

I will be grateful for any advice

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4and1 posted this 17 January 2021

Since nobody has replied to this, I'll throw in a couple thoughts. First, I'm going to assume you are looking to swage jacketed bullets since you are asking about boattail bullets. I've never seen a boatail cast lead bullet, but some do swage cast lead bullets.

Typical boatail bullets have a taper at the base of the shank then a flat on the bottom. The degree of taper, length of taper varies between die makers. The only rebated boatail bullet I've seen has a step of sorts at the shank, then a small boatail. Rebated BTs must not have caught on much cause not many make them. 

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Squid Boy posted this 17 January 2021

Makpeter, 4and1 is right that these are generally used with jacketed bullets. I made a little drawing to show you what the differences are. I believe that most swaging tools are the rebated boat tail because there is more material in the die and less likely to expand and get hung up. I have a Corbin Walnut Hill that I make jacketed .228" diameter rebated boat tails with and they are very accurate. I don't have any experience with swaging plain lead with this base shape so I cannot help beyond this. Thanks and good luck, Squid Boy

Boat tail & Rebated boat tail

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