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Keith posted this 26 April 2018

I would like to ask the members here for a suggestion of a mold for heavier than standard weight bullets for the 38 special.  I have followed with interest the topics on the 38 S&W/38 Colt New Police.  I do not own a revolver in that caliber but have several and mostly Colt in 38 Special.  As a summer project I would like to try heavier bullets, 170 to 200 grains in the 38 special.  I prefer Accurate Molds or NOE and I am looking for one with the best chance of success.

Keith DVM

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RicinYakima posted this 26 April 2018

Accurate 36-193D was very good in my 357 rifle in 38 special brass.

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David Reiss posted this 26 April 2018

I like the NOE 360-180-FN. If using any heavier than normal CBs (175-200) in Colt revolvers, take caution. Depending on the model, they are not as durable as S&Ws when firing +P loads or a steady diet of heavy bullets at anything other than light - medium loads. 

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Bud Hyett posted this 27 April 2018

RCBS 38-180-SIL  This has a longer nose that semi-wadcutters that requires the bullet to seat deeper in the case. The longer nose will require careful loading, start low and work up due to decreased case capacity and higher pressures. loading. It is a gas-check mold. 

I've shot it in a .357 T/C barrel in .357 Magnum a long time ago (at least three decades) and do not have access to the data. I recall it shot well to 100 yards as I was looking for a silhouette load and to carry in the Mojave Desert. 

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Ed Harris posted this 27 April 2018

In .38 Special brass works well for me, also in the .38 S&W.

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onondaga posted this 27 April 2018

Keith, I recommend the one from Accurate with the longest bearing area for the bullet length. Size this bullet for ink verified sliding contact on chambering and you will have the best stability for a good start. Any less contact subtracts accuracy potential and this bullet has the longest contact area:

A simple tumble lube will be fine for this bullet




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GP Idaho posted this 28 April 2018

I'll agree with David in the heavy bullet class,  the NOE 360-180-FN. I have loaded the NOE  360-200-FN in 38spl brass but with it's C.O.L. it will have to be fired from a 357 revolver or rifle.  My 35 Blackout (not an official name) is the NOE 200 over 4 or 4.5gr. Unique fired from a 357 Handi rifle.  Gp

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