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Samari46 posted this 23 September 2022

Have a Sako 75 Hunter and while I do not hunt anymore, I would like to use this rifle for cast bullets. In the past I loaded a 165 grain Nosler soft point under 55.5 grains IMR 4350 with a CCI magnum primer for a chronographed velocity of 2800 feet per second. I would very much like to start using cast bullets in this rifle. This particular Sako will also shoot M72 30-06 match ammunition into 1" groups and best part is that I don't have to change the sight settings. Any suggestions for a bullet mold for the old girl, The old factory barrel has plenty of like left in it.Regards. Frank

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Rich/WIS posted this 23 September 2022

Is 265 a typo and maybe should be 165?  Have shot a lot of the 311291 (NOE) in my 06's, as well as a few RCBS 308-165 SIL and 311284 (Lyman and NOE), and quite a few 311-115 (NOE).  All shot well at moderate velocities (1500-1600 fps).  There are a number of other bullets that have a good reputation in the 06.  For low velocity fun loads (read low recoil) 5 grs of Bullseye or similar powder is sub sonic and generally accurate 25-50 yards and you can leave off the gas check. My recommendation would be the 311291, it can be seated in the 06 so the gas check is not below the case neck and still be short enough (OAL) to fit the magazine, and has a good reputation for accuracy. 

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Larry Gibson posted this 24 September 2022

If you plan on hunting with cast bullets in the 30-06 Sako rifle then the Lyman 311-41 or a clone is hard to beat. Loaded over 4895 up through 4831 in burn rate powders to 1950 - 2100 fps it is an excellent game getter.

If target shooting at 100 yards/meters or further then the NOE 310-165-FN (30 XCB) is an excellent choice which has become my favorite 30 cal target bullet in numerous 30 caliber cartridges including the 30-06.  Loaded over 2400 or similar powder to 1700 - 1900 fps it can be a very accurate bullet out to 300 yards.

For pure plinking or small game the Lee TL 314-90-SWC lubed and sized to .311/.312 loaded over 3.2 gr of Bullseye is pure delight.  



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Shuz posted this 23 September 2022

There are a lot of cast bullets that shoot well in the .30-06. 311291 has already been mentioned. I suggest a couple of others that I have found accurate: Lyman 311041 and the Saeco 30-165SIL.

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delmarskid posted this 24 September 2022

I think it’s hard to find a cast bullet that won’t shoot well enough to be fun in the ‘06. It’s easier to find one that’s no fun to cast . I like bullets about an inch long with one lube groove, a crimp groove that won’t get used, a gas check stump, and it should drop from the mould with the back end between .310 and .314 inch diameter.

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Shopdog posted this 24 September 2022

150g Lee has been nothing but a game changer in a CDL R700 '06. Varget right at starting JB velocity.

Traditionally,would use heavier in cast.... with around 175g being a good compromise(Lyman 31141). This particular rig is my heavy varmint.... not the rifles weight as it sports a fluted magnum brrl profile. It's the trajectory and explosive terminal ballistics.

I'm not a real Lee fanboy,but there's a few of their designs that have worked great here. The 55g .223 is another. Good luck with your Sako project.

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Samari46 posted this 01 October 2022

Thanks for the suggestions on bullet molds. Have a couple single cavity Lyman molds. Both the 311291 and 311041 but both noses on these molds cast small. Barely .298 and have found not to be good shooters. Tried them in two 30-30's and poor accuracy. Thanks again. Frank

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