Hello and thanks fr looking, I bought myself a Christmas present. I've been eye-balling a 7.5” Single Seven Ruger in 327 Federal for a few months at my little shop down the road. I gave in to my baser side and it lives with me now. I love my wife. She understands these things. Anyway this thing looks like it's going to be a shooter. I'm getting 2” groups off hand when I get it together at 25 paces. I got American Eagle 100 grainers to try it out. Today I shot up a fist full of .32 acp in it and that was just a hoot. No recoil to speak of and the accuracy was just as good as the full power stuff. I do have to be careful with my grip using the snappy rounds. The trigger guard will bight my knuckle if I don't be attentive. Been shopping in my head for a nice four or five cavity mold. I want a plain based bullet between 100 and 140 grains. I see some on Accurate molds of 115 to 135 that have the short nose needed for this cylinder. I slugged the cylinder throats and got .315 on most and .3145 on a couple. The forcing cone took the same slugs with moderate finger pressure. I read that the grooves are supposed to be . 312 but that doesn't matter does it? I guess if I have a question it is will I be okay to shoot .314” bullets? My .315” slugs fit snugly in fired cases. Thanks again, Dane.