reloading 8x72r ammo for a drilling

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earl 54 posted this 05 May 2022

Any information on loading cast for this cartridge ?

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David Reiss CBA Membership Director posted this 07 May 2022

Taken straight from

This straight, rimmed case was developed by Sauer & Sohn for use in combination guns. The 8x72Rmm is sometimes listed as the 8x72Rmm S&S. Date of introduction is not established, but the old DWM case No. 574 would indicate sometime around 1910. It is obsolete. The 8x72Rmm was derived from the older 9.3x72Rmm. The principal difference between the two is caliber. Instead of having a conventional bottleneck, the 8x72Rmm case is full-length tapered to accommodate an 8mm bullet. Late RWS catalogs list this as a discontinued number. In power, it compares more-or-less with the 35 Remington. The 8x72Rmm would be useful mostly for woods hunting of deer-size animals. For handloading, bullets of 0.323-inch diameter should be used. (Cartridges of the World, 10th Edition)

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Wt. Bullet Powder Manufacturer Powder Charge Velocity (FPS) Favorite?

150 SP Alliant RL-15 45.0 2,334 188;memid:11161;type:metallic;">

Remarks: energy: 1,815; source: RWS

170 SP Alliant RL-15 43.0 2,240 188;memid:11161;type:metallic;">

Remarks: energy: 1,810; source: RWS

210 Lead IMR IMR-4198 28.0 1,850 188;memid:11161;type:metallic;">

Remarks: energy: 1,602; source: Lyman #323471GC

225 SP IMR IMR-3031 38.0 1,910

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earl 54 posted this 09 May 2022

Been reloading for many years, however that means that i know how much i don't know. The gun was given to me by a friend, and is a good match for the hunting here in Florida.The Drilling was a bring back from WW2 and has set in gun safes for all this time.It has honest wear from use but no big problems. Spec's are 65mm 16 gauge barrels, 21.75 inches long, choked imp. cyl. in the right barrel, and imp. mod. in the left. Rifle barrel is 8mmx72r (a box of original cartridges came with the gun, and they chamber correctly and the chamber by observation is the same.) I will do a chamber cast before i go further in loading. Slugged the barrel and to my best measurement it is .323 groove diameter. Barrels will close on a sheet(strip in each chamber)of typing paper but they are tight on it. No wiggle between barrels and receiver without the paper when i try by hand.Set trigger for rifle barrel. The word nitro in the proof marks so i think that is 1910 and later. Still working on the rest. I believe it is a Guild gun at this point, but will have it looked by a higher authority on german guns. I intend to take it to the woods and let it speak to some of the local game after a few small repairs (bent front site, and cracked horn trigger guard). Any thoughts from the readers would be welcome.

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