The stars aligned when a Ruger Single Six, .32 H&R brass, dies, and molds were simultaneously available.  I couldn’t resist.  I cast, loaded and shot bullets from Lee and RCBS molds with promising results.  Next step was to install a red dot sight to accommodate my post cataract vision.  The benefit of the red dot sight to me outweighs the insult to tradition.

I purchased a sight mount from Evolution Gun Works.  The red dot is a Vortex Venom 6 moa dot.  Installation was easy.  However, the mount was tipped down at the front to the extent that the sight did not have enough travel to get the point of impact down enough.  The mount needed to be modified to allow it to be leveled.  I did not want to drill and tap a hole in the revolvers frame.

The mount is attached only with the elevation screw.  Set screws on either side of the elevation screw were added to allow locking in the angle of the mount.  The counterbore and thru hole for the elevation screw were opened up to allow the mount to tilt relative to the screw.  The surfaces on the back end of the mount had to be relieved to allow tilting.  The image below shows the modifications I made.

The mount would be better if it had material for the pin to be used.  As it is, only the sight adjustment screw anchors the mount.  Griffin Hill makes such a mount; the pin hole is match drilled thru the mount.  More expensive, but in retrospect I think it would be worth it.