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Wm Cook posted this 06 April 2024

Precision Shooting has a few dollars off on some of their pistol and SR primers.  Still no LR available at either there or at Midway.  Local dealers in the St Charles MO area still getting infrequent LR shipments in but no one here that I’m aware of is selling in lots of 5000.

I’ve been kind of thin these past few months dealing with medical stuff.  Still following the post daily.  I have some follow up work to do with my SR v LR v flash hole size work with the .308 Winchester.   A #28 drill bit should come today to allow me to open up flash holes to .1405.  I think that’s my last “to do” on that “winter” project.  I’ll post that when available.  Take care all, Bill C.

My Uncle once told me that you learn something new every day. And when the day comes that you don’t learn anything, well, that’ll be the day after you die.

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GBertolet posted this 08 April 2024

Thanks Wm Cook. I just bought some LP primers, for a better than average price.

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M1fuzz posted this 10 April 2024

Powder Valley recently had LR primers in 1,000 count bricks and 5,000 count grosses. Had them for a while. They might be gone now but, had 1,000 count bricks of CCI br2 and Remington in stock as of last night.

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John Alexander posted this 10 April 2024

What are the prices on these primers that are becoming available.

Here is central Oregon they are about $60 per K. Not pre last panic prices but maybe going in the right direction.



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Glenn R. Latham posted this 10 April 2024

John, your prices are better than I've seen anywhere.  The outfit mentioned above has CCI SR for $95.


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GBertolet posted this 12 April 2024

The primers I purchased, were LP Remingtons @ $375 for 5K. Seems like LR and LP are commanding a premium price, when available.

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