Painted/Coated bullet success

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codarnall posted this 23 July 2017

Recently I was gifted some 210 gr 30 cal bullets which were powder coated with some kind of polymer thermal setting material. Wheelchair bound for most of the summer it was hard to get to much of anything I wanted to do.


I was asked to validate and verify the speed and accuracy of the gifted specimens.  The driving bands were .310 the general fore body was .301 inches.   The drill was to test these at corresponding  jacketed  bullet velocities.  Warming the new rifle with Remington factory ammo I experienced a shotgun pattern at 100 yards here in CA three weeks ago..  Grouping was about one foot for this normally tack driving rifle using FACTORY ammo.   Tumbling, key holing etc. has been my experience since a boy nearly 60 years ago.  Here in California I could really only say they were far more accurate that the junk factory loads.   Not able to transport the artillery on the train to NM I was to use my Win M70 30-06 featherweight  w/open sights in NM this past week.  The bottom line was that  the coated bullets tested as well as 190Horn spbt at 100 and 300 yards with book velocities of 2450 fps.  Charge was 50 g 4350.  I was extremely pleased, these perfect specimens  were from BAMO or BAMA  on the boolits site by way of a gent in Houston TX.




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bdrake71 posted this 22 February 2019

Are these commercially polymer coated bullets or someone coated cast bullets themselves?  

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x101airborne posted this 22 February 2019

I am glad for your success and for your recovery!

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