Pa.. 223 plain base mold wanted single cavity

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2frogs posted this 09 February 2024

Looking for plain base 223 mold. Or do you call them 225..prefer Lyman I have handles.. 40 to 55 grain. Thanks Johnny

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MP1886 posted this 10 February 2024

Johnny go here:

and pick the appropiate bullet you want. One place to look would be Ebay.  Type the Lyman and the mold number it and search. You can set Ebay to keep searching for the mould you are looking for and they will send you emails of what they find.  There are other places to look for older molds, but I can't remembe all of them. Good luckl

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fa38 posted this 11 February 2024

I don't think anybody currently makes a .22 cal. single cavity mold.  Most make at least a double cavity.  Perhaps an old mold with the handles that are part of the mold like an antique Winchester, Lyman or Pope.

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2frogs posted this 11 February 2024

Oh yeah.. thanks for the information

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OU812 posted this 12 February 2024

You can modify any mould by opening up gascheck section. I would open one cavity only. can do this for you.

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max503 posted this yesterday

I've been having good luck with the Lee 55 grain GC design, powder coated without a gas check.  

Sizing them upside down through a Lee .225 push die definitely makes a difference. 


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Wm Cook posted this 23 hours ago

Max is that the little bitty Lee mold that has the skeleton mold body and the handles are built in. I got one last year and haven't tried it yet.  I was worried about not being able to get the mold hot enough to cast.  That's unfair though since I never tried it. That was on my winter "play around with" list but I didn't get to it.

NOE makes a 39 grain pb 3 cavity mold but its not in stock. Good luck, Bill C.

Patience isn’t a virtue, it’s a delay tactic.

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max503 posted this 3 hours ago

Yes.  It is a 2 cavity mold with built in handles.  It worked very well.  I got a bunch of nice bullets in no time with it.  You don't have to add much lead to the pot when casting 22's.  

Someone else said the shank acts like a boat tail when there's no gas check.

I did an experiment, bullets sized nose up and then nose down.  The nose down grouped markedly better.  This is with a Lee push die, so the base entered the die first.  

The only powder charge that has worked for me so far is a .5CC scoop of 700X.  Other powders didn't work for me.  

I'm shooting a 223 Tikka bolt action with a 1 in 12 twist.

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