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rhbrink posted this 24 March 2019

I just received the the new rules and looking at rule 5.3 Heavy Rifle which is now the same as rule 5.2 Production Rifle with the exception of allowing a 14 pound rifle. So does this mean that now all the guys that have built up Heavy Rifles with custom barrels, triggers, stocks will now not be allowed to shoot their rifles in this class? There will now be only "Factory" rifles allowed in this class? Will all the custom guns that were shooting in the Heavy class now will have to shoot in the Unlimited class?


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Tom Acheson posted this 24 March 2019


I saw that also. Has to be an oversight. The rules were re-formatted and "cleaned up" but the Board reviews all proposed rule changes and the subject of radically modifying the Heavy Rifle equipment rule was not discussed, IIRC.


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John Alexander posted this 24 March 2019

Tom and Richard,

Tom is right, I guess.  I just emailed you two after Ed K. told me that you had found a glitch.

The reason I say "I guess" is I can't find the glitch. In the copy I sent Ed to distribute rule 5.3 says heavy is same as 5.1 (not 5.2)  same as it has alway said. Yours must say 5.2 for your comments to apply. Is that the glitch? 

Thanks for reading the stuff you receive and helping us get it right.


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