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Ross Smith posted this 28 January 2024

How do the moving target backers operate? Then ones used to verify the actual number of shots on target.

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MarkinEllensburg posted this 29 January 2024

There are a variety of designs. The ones used at KC is a straight linear pull with a paper card matching the height of the groups target and long enough so that it is behind the target the entire time of the relay.

Johnny Schauf built a wiper system that moves back and forth at a slow speed.

I have not looked at others closely.

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Bud Hyett posted this 29 January 2024

There are  many designs as there are systems. Each club determines what they need based on land and resources. Here are several design requirements based on my experience.

Size: Tall enough to cover the record target plus the top and bottom borders. One set of targets I shoot on the backing paper is not deep enough to record a shot within an inch of the target bottom.

Speed: This is an attribute needing testing for the time difference for five-shot and ten-shot groups.  At the Fairfax Nationals one shooter was disqualified for four shots in the five shot group match.

  • The backing paper was moving so slowly the first shot on the right of the group and the fifth shot on the left of the group coincided.
  • The backing paper was moving from the right to the left too slowly and the shots could overlap. 
  • He protested the disqualification and three competitors after deep looking agreed on the shots overlapping.
  • His near-National Record was honored.

Spares: Have at least two complete sets available for the errant shot destroying some component. Murphy's Law is written for the optimist.) For minimally delaying the match a minimum, design for complete quick replacement rather than needing repair more time.

Sturdiness: Able to resist wind gusts up to fifty miles per hour.

Consider using wood peg construction in the frame to lessen the impact of a misplaced shot ricocheting into the wild.  

Farm boy from Illinois, living in the magical Pacific Northwest

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linoww posted this 22 February 2024

the ones we used to use at Clark rifles years ago had frames with backers that were chugged along with an old Farberware motor!

"if it was easy we'd let women do it" don't tell my wife I said that!

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Tom Acheson posted this 22 February 2024

One design that I ran across used a large pizza cardboard disc that rotated slowly. 

I wonder....if a club uses the same backer for multiple shooters, by first taping over the previous holes, will the CBA official scorers accept a repaired backer? This for a new National Record candidate.


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John Carlson posted this 22 February 2024

Backers at the 2023 Nationals were "repaired".  Not sure of the process, Ed Camp would know.

John Carlson. CBA Director of Military Competition.

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Edward Camp posted this 08 March 2024

At the 2023 Nationals we used "recycled" backers for the first time.  Using backers from the previous years, a member (Chuck Duncan), taped all the holes over with strong white tape and crossed out any markings on them.  We had none of the backers that were used lose any tape.  They performed as well as new paper backers.  The reason for this is that with the large increase in paper costs; the backers for the 2022 tournament cost the CBA $200 and the size had to be cut from a larger sheet, due to lack of supply (we were not charged for the cutting to size).  I had saved the backer material from several other years, by doing this it has provided us with several years of backers for use on the Pioneer backer system, saving us money.  We will have to purchase backer material at Piedmont for the 2024 National.  I understand Piedmont is working on getting a backer system up and running for the nationals and I have no idea of what size paper will be used or how their system will work.

The Pioneer backer system moves at 1-inch per minute, so a ten-minute match means it moves ten inches.  It also overlaps both edges of the target so that any shot off the target is recorded.  Winds have been known to move a shot off target, but is recorded on the backer, so you might have shot five times but only 4 hit the target and the backers shows it.  Unless you are "machine gunning" it the 1-inch per minute works very well.  I am currently working on a new control system for it to aid the range officer in operating it. 

I believe the world record 5 shot group in NBRSA benchrest was shot by a 30 caliber at 100 yards and measured 0.0077!  Without a moving backer system this would never have been a record without proof of 5 shots fired.  This shows the importance of having a moving backer system for records that may be shot by us. Yes, we have seen some very small groups.     

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Pentz posted this 09 March 2024

The complete Clark Rifles backer system, motors and all, is available to anyone willing to come and get them, gratis.  We no longer need them.

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