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GWarden posted this 4 weeks ago

 CORRECTION: as long as you want to post your results, we will keep this going.Participation in the ML/BP cartridge postal ended up being pretty slim for the few months we gave it a go. Thanks to those that participated. Lots of reasons why some were not able to shoot, component shortage, covid issue and others. Guess we will let this go. Thanks again for those that shot.


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tlkeizer posted this 3 weeks ago


It is into July, but wanted to post these and don't see an update so here goes.

Went to the range yesterday, Wednesday, 14 July, and finally got the shooting in I wanted to do in June.  I shot 3 sets of 5, 2 sets at 200 yards and one set of 100 yards.  All cases had Goex  FFG, CCI 200 primers, and were R-P cases, cast bullets were pan lubed.  I used pennies and clean sheets of paper as the paper I shot on had the bullets strike on two sheets so I "transposed" the data for viewing.  Also, the bullets struck from 10 to 12 inches high from the aim point.  The high striking will require a bit of Kentucky Windage out hunting.

First photo is 200 yards with 405 Lee Hollow Base bullet, 55 grains FFG, and 4 of five made it on paper.  The 500 grain bullet is from a Lee mold, and the 420 is a 416 grain Lyman with Flat Base.



The rest should be able to be read.  

Weather was low 60's, breeze 0-2 mph from behind the gun, overcast skies, and very few mosquitoes.  The Trapdoor liked the heavier bullet with the heavier charge, as usual.  The 500 grain bullet and charge will be one of my moose hunting loads this year.  If I am blessed with one I will write it up.  Same for a caribou.

I noticed I had more trouble than usual focusing on the sights, and that may have lead to larger dispersion of bullet strikes.  2 possible reasons for this:  1) I have recently had diabetes medication changed from Trulicity to Ozempic and I am not completely sold on the changeover yet, and 2) I did not use a match to blacken the front sight.  The second item I can deal with in the immediate future.


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GWarden posted this 3 weeks ago


June cartridge targets/info: 32/40 CPA Krieger bbl., Weaver scope. RMC Everlast case, small rifle primer pocket, Rem. 7 1/2 primer. Case full Swiss 1 1/2 powder,  .025 Overpowder wad, compression .140" Tapered bullet 204gr 25:1 mix breech seated. 10 shots/100yds.


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