Melting pot mod

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Tooweels posted this 16 January 2017

Poor boy addition to my Lee pot that's dripped a bit from day one and also makes for easy adjustment to pouring speed, the spanner sits tightly on top of two nuts locked together a lot easier than fiddling with a screwdriver, when in operation the spanners about 180 degrees from currant position, Im sure others may have done the same but if not here it is

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4570sharps posted this 16 April 2017

I like it!

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Tooweels posted this 10 April 2017

 Hi Bigman

                 In my previous occupation I met a few well actually a lot of so called Knuckle draggers but don't believe any of them thought about casting bullets ! I just put that wrench in the vice and applied some love with a propane torch and bent it with the leather glove I use for casting, too easy was over and done in 5 minutes and has been in its present home for a minimum of 5 gals of 357  bullets don't think ill ever take it off it works so well

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BigMan54 posted this 03 April 2017

Very inventive.  If I ever find my old LEE pot in my garage mess I'd like to try this. How did you bend the wrench ?

I put a 1” x 10” piece of 1/4” plywood under the rear of all my pot bases before I clamp them down. just seems to make the flow from the spout a bit better for me. 

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David Reiss posted this 20 January 2017

Both of my 10# Lees sit a little unlevel. Never knew it was a problem though . Maybe a little technical tests would tell if it makes a difference, but my suspicions are it would lead to more speculation than fact. 

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Maven posted this 20 January 2017

"I plugged the pouring spout and bought a ladle.”   ... JeffinNZ 


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JeffinNZ posted this 20 January 2017

I plugged the pouring spout and bought a ladle. 

Cheers from New Zealand

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vmwilson posted this 20 January 2017

Not exactly what I presently use on my 10# but had a 1/4” x 3/4” long bolt brazed on my valve rod.  Now has a tapped piece of 1-1/4” steel rod on there with 1/4” bolts tapped in to make a tee.  Add's weight in the bargain.  Don't know if something similar would work on a 20# though.


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OU812 posted this 17 January 2017

Flow rate is very important. When the lead level in pot drops the flow rate must be increased by turning wrench (opening) a few degrees to get a more consistent flow rate. I need to add some type of T handle to my RCBS for a more accurate reading.

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Duane Mellenbruch posted this 17 January 2017

I prefer to have the base of the pot at this angle to make it easy to scrape drips or spills off the front of the base.  If the spill gets under the base, it does not just brush away.   As to the wrench handle, some will actually cast wearing gloves as part of their PPE. 

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onondaga posted this 17 January 2017

That looks great and adds weight directly to the valve pin instead of adding weight to the linkage assembly like other innovations I've seen including Lee's own new metal knob for the op handle. Bravo! But you gotta notice right in the picture how off level your pot was where ever it sat when it cooled.   I wouldn't grab that wrench with the pot hot and a bare hand either. Include that in your safety label!



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