M-1 Carbine Barrel For Sale

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askari posted this 17 May 2022

Some years ago, I was heavily involved in CMP vintage rifle competition.  After buying, and competing with, CMP M-1 carbines, I decided I needed one that I could shoot "offhand" (Standing Slow Fire) in my back yard for practice.  I was able to get Criterion to make a milspec carbine barrel minus the gas port.  When this was assembled in a rifle, I had what amounted to a bolt-action carbine.  With this, I could shoot bunny loads of Hornady swaged .310 lead balls over a couple of grains of Bullseye.  AND, I could hang onto the brass.  Unfortunately, after a fun year of that, I moved and got out of carbine competition.

I'd now like to sell that Criterion milspec carbine barrel (still without a gas port, though one could easily be drilled).  The barrel has shot soft lead balls exclusively and is in like new condition.  I figure $75 plus postage would be a reasonable asking price. Anyone want it?

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Fitzpatrick posted this 18 August 2022

Do you still have this barrel, and would it fit the later Universal brand carbines ?

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askari posted this 18 August 2022

No, Carbine barrel is long gone unfortunately.

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