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max503 posted this 09 October 2019

Went to the range yesterday with my 10" 44 mag Contender.  Working on a deer hunting load.  I had some 429421 bullets ready to load.  Group #1 were sized .431 in a lubrisizer and lubed with Felix World Famous Lube and loaded with 10 grains of Unique.  Group #2 were also sized and lubed with FWFL, but they were loaded with 8.5 grains of Unique.  Group #3 were tumble lubed with Lee liquid alox and sized to .431 in a push die and loaded with 10 grains of Unique.  I only had those five rounds loaded up and wish I had more.  

That groove on the 429421 holds a lot of lube.  I wonder if that had the effect of opening up the groups because the LLA bullets only had a light coating of lube.  These groups were shot at 50 yards, iron sights, off sandbags.

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max503 posted this 15 October 2019

I'd be inclined to do more testing as the overall group sizes are not that different.  Also, you have two different sizing techniques so may be getting a variance.  Encouraging but I would test again.


Yes to the two different sizing techniques.  My lubrisizer die is .431, the push through is .430.  I'm focusing on the push die and a lighter load. I just cast up a bunch more of these bullets, and 8.5 to 9 grains of Unique ought to do it.

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Gregor posted this 12 October 2019


WLL= White Label Lube, Excellent People


8.5 to 10 grains of Unique will easily handle a deer at 50 yards.  Elmer Keith used this load as his "Everyday load" for general shooting.  The old Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook from 1958 has a page with Elmer's recommended loads. 

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max503 posted this 11 October 2019

Excuse me for asking, but what's WLL BAC?

Yes, I'm experimenting with lighter loads than 10.0 grains of Unique.  I've used 8.5.  Would that work on deer at 50 yards?

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BigMan54 posted this 11 October 2019

I think 10grs of Unique is about maxing out Unique's potential. 

I used 9.5grs under a Lyman #429421 245gr cast of 50/50 COWW/#2 for many years in the mag case. Restrictions at the old LAPD Harbor Range. Nothing hotter allowed. Gave me great accuracy out of SBH, RH, M29 and a Browning B92 Carbine(SingleLoaded). And later a SRH.  Even an occasional one hole group at 25yrds out of the SBH. 

At 50yrds under 2" in the Creedmore Position. 

I have a T/C with a 10" bbl with iron sights too.  It's happy with the 9.5gr Load too.  With the forearm on my old rifle rest and my wrists on the edge of the bench. It'll put 5 of those loads into a bit under 2" at 50yrds.  Sized .430, lubed with WLL BAC.

And those old wrists prefer 8.0grs these days.  



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max503 posted this 10 October 2019

Yes. The whole point of this operation is to continue testing.  Only one lucky bullet out of hundreds will be chosen to effect the transmigration of some deer's soul.  All the others will provide recreation and test my ability to assemble an accurate pistol load.

Those groups made me happy.  You know how guns can be.  Especially Contenders.  Some barrels put every bullet right where you aim it.  Others give you fits.  Looks like I'm going to have success with this barrel.  Now I'm trying to decide if I should put a scope on it or shoot with iron sights.  I like the handiness without a scope. 

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Larry Gibson posted this 09 October 2019

I've always found LLA to be an excellent lube when used within it's ability (almost all handguns loads) and when applied/TL'd correctly according to Lee's instructions.  Two biggest problems are using too much and not letting it dry sufficiently.

I shoot a lot of commercial cast in handguns, including many in my 44 Magnums, that I TL with LLA even though they are already "lubed".  I find most commercial lubes are quite inadequate and cause leading.  I find a correct coat of LLA allowed to thoroughly dry prevents most all leading from such bullets.  I get no leading in the chamber throats or barrel even with .429 sized hard cast commercial bullets when properly relubed with LLA.  However, I don't use such with magnum level loads preferring them with 44 SPL up through medium 44 magnum level loads.  I also sometimes TL lube my own RCBS 44-250-Ks and Lyman 429421s for use with such loads.  Almost all my 44 SPL standard loads (5 gr Bullseye) of mine are loaded with the Lee TL430-240-SWC and sized .430.

My favorite and most often used load for the RCBS and Lyman 250 gr "Keith" bullets is 8.5 gr of Unique in Magnum cases with WLP primers.  Velocity runs 950 fps out of my 6" Hawes, 1010 fps out of my 6 1/2" Ruger BHFT and 930 fps out of my Colt 4" Anaconda.  A very pleasant and extremely accurate load in all 3 revolvers.


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JeffinNZ posted this 09 October 2019

I'd be inclined to do more testing as the overall group sizes are not that different.  Also, you have two different sizing techniques so may be getting a variance.  Encouraging but I would test again.

Cheers from New Zealand

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