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Ray819 posted this 2 weeks ago


Hope everyone here is doing well!  I have done only a little bit of reloading in the past and am totally new to casting bullets. 


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Fitzpatrick posted this 2 weeks ago

Hello Ray

welcome aboard 



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mashburn posted this 2 weeks ago

Hello Ray,  

Welcome aboard from Southeastern Oklahoma.


David a. Cogburn

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Shopdog posted this 2 weeks ago

Hello from the mnts of Virginia. Don't be shy,jump in and ask questions.

Wonderful way to enhance,or extend the experience is handloading and casting. You get to set your own pace. Might be just killing cans with a trusty 38sp.... or digging rabbit holes with a Case backhoe. Important part is,you get to choose..... and that you're on one of the best web resources. Enjoy.

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Squid Boy posted this 2 weeks ago

Hello Ray and welcome. You have come to the right place for cast bullets. These guys know cast bullets and a whole lot more. Enjoy the ride. Squid Boy

"Squid Pro Quo"

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LarryW posted this 2 weeks ago

Welcome from Arizona.

A day late & a dollar short, story of my life ???

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Brodie posted this 2 weeks ago

Welcome from a higher altitude in Arizona.


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Terry73 posted this 6 days ago

Hello everyone new to the castbulletassoc. but not new to casting boolits been at it off and on for the past 30 years but there's always something new to learn so here I'am I live in Kansas City, Mo and just bought a Pedersoli Sharps 1874 50-90 Long Range Rifle and figured this would be a good place for information on cast boolits for it. The fella I got it from had loaded some 650gr boolits 

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