Golden bullets (solved)

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John Carlson posted this 10 November 2020

As I was processing a batch of scrap lead, I had a few panfulls had a gold colored layer on the top.  I skimmed the alloy several times, surface would be silver for a minute or so but would return to gold.  Seemed more like the surface was oxidizing rather than a contaminant rising to the surface.  Alloy temp was 720.


I raised the temp to 800 and the surface turned blue.


Ingots had a very slight golden tint.


Not trying to upstage the Lone Ranger here but perhaps I should save this alloy for pistol bullets.  Can't hit anything with that anyway.


"Insert image" button isn't working for me, advice?

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David Reiss CBA Membership Director posted this 10 November 2020

The golden tint on top of the lead is oxidized tin. You need to flux it back into the alloy. Sounds like a high tin content. 

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Eutectic posted this 11 November 2020

800 is too hot, at that temperature the oxidation of tin is rapid,



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John Carlson posted this 11 November 2020

Never experienced this with tin contents of 5% or less, guess I'll just blend it in next time I process a batch.

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tony1960 posted this 11 November 2020

I have the same issue with a batch of alloy also. No matter how many times that I flux it keeps oxidising the same. I have never checked the hardness of this alloy as I pushed it to one side, it does ring when you drop pieces on a concrete floor though.

For some reason I think it was white metal, but I've had it for 30 plus years and has always caused me grief every time I try to cast with it. Maybe I should drop 20lbs of Lead into it to blend it back to "usable"

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