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nosee posted this 21 May 2019

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nosee posted this 21 May 2019

I have tried several ways to find the spent bullet. My sand trap is plastic lined feed bags, with 2 gal. of DRY sand in each. Set them in line at a 100 yds.with target on. These NOE 80-sp bullets both retained the checks. The one that expanded the most, from Savage rifle at 1700 fps. other from Tikka at 1400. Bullets were the same weight. However they were powder coated with Hi-teck after gas checking.I use Hornady checks, they say that a .223 check should be seated using .224, these were seated .226 and still stayed on.The 1700 fps. bullet was in the fourth bag, the 1400 in third bag.

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Ross Smith posted this 21 May 2019

That pretty well answered my question. I spend alot of time getting gc's on straight square plumb and flat for my "target" bullets, it's nice to know they stay there.

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Tom G posted this 12 June 2019

Not all gas checks stay on.   I did a lot of chronograph testing at one time using a Chrony that had the LCD readout mounted in the front of the unit. Bullets passed over it and you could read the velocity from 10 feet or so away.  I had noticed some dents in the front of the Chrony frame and didn't get too concerned.  Then finally, one day, I took a shot with a checked cast bullet and noticed that the LCD readout screen was all smashed and cracked up like a piece of glass. 

A gas check had come off the bullet before it got 10 feet out of the bore and took out the LCD screen !!  Fortunately, I was able to buy a new screen from Chrony and solder it in myself to repair it. 

Just because a couple of rounds that you recovered from a backstop still had the checks on them. don't assume that all checks stay on. I found that out the hard way. I think Chrony sells a plastic screen that is placed in front of the readout now to protect it from flying debris.  My current chrony has the read head and brains separate and it sets on the bench with me. That is a great upgrade if you shoot checked bullets through your Chrony.  

Tom Gray

NRA life,  CBA life

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nosee posted this 13 June 2019

I have been lucky I have,nt had one hit my conie yet. Maybe it,s the powder coating, glues them on.

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Ross Smith posted this 13 June 2019

I took my sifting screen to the range with me and dug thru the dirtgravelrock backstop to retrieve some of my just fired bullets. I found loose gas checks and chewed up bullets. I know the gas checks didn't go thru the 1" thick conveyor belting on their own so I surmise they stay on all the way to the target, which is what I want.

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Coydog posted this 14 June 2019

I know the press on checks most of the time will come off compare to the crimp on ones.That is what I seen . Have anyone else seen that also? 

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Ross Smith posted this 16 June 2019

I use gator checks which ever they are.

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John Alexander posted this 17 June 2019

All gas checks are crimp on if you size them on. Not like thee taper or roll crimp of a pistol bullet but crimped nevertheless. Whether that always keep them on is another question. 

Dan Lynch has shown that those advertisements showing the thickened edges of the check aren't what that brand of check actually looks like if sectioned and put under a microscope.


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