The following is a set of rules that will govern the forums here at The Cast Bullet Association Inc. This is not an all-inclusive list of rules, and is subject to being amended at any time by the CBA staff without notice. By posting anywhere in the forums located on you are agreeing to follow these rules. Violators are subject to recourse (i.e. Posting Privileges Revoked, Banning, etc..), with or without warning as determined by the CBA staff.

The intent of this public forum is to allow people to discuss all aspects of cast bullet shooting, casting, equipment, and techniques. We encourage the asking of questions and seeking help in regard all aspects of casting bullet shooting. There are areas for giving feedback and making suggestions, but they are for just that suggestions and feedback. Suggestions and giving feedback is not to be used with an expectation that your suggestion or feedback will be implemented. Those areas are for you to comment, and all comments are noted and considered. We may or may not respond.

If it at any time threads turn into un-civil arguments, demands, or fighting they will be closed or deleted without notice and violators are subject to recourse (i.e. Posting Privileges Revoked, Banning, etc..), with or without warning as determined by the CBA staff.

The Cast Bullet Association does not condone spamming. We do not allow links to any type of websites unrelated to cast bullet shooting. Links to websites that are considered off topic in a post or in your signature, will be removed. Violations are subject to immediate recourse (i.e. Posting Privileges Revoked, Banning, etc..), with or without warning as determined by the CBA staff.

All posts made on this forum are in the public domain. As such they may be copied and used at any time for any purpose, except for the use for profit. Using the information on this forum for profit is expressly prohibited. Using this forum for the collection of information to benefit another organization or to make profit for another organization is expressly prohibited. This includes profit made as a donation.

If a member of this forum is found to be attacking another’s character in a fashion to show fault or to undermine and ridicule in an abusive manner, that offending member will have their account changed to a suspended status pending investigation by the administrator and co-administrators of this forum. They will continue to be able to read discussion threads, however their permission to post will be removed. The general membership will not be able to tell if a person has been suspended. A private message will be sent to the offending member when their account is suspended and an email will be sent to the offending member when the decision regarding their offense has been reached. All decisions of the administrator and co-administrators are final.

The following forum rules are an addition and a supplement to the above requirements of use:

1. No name calling or fighting. 

2. No swearing or unpleasant language 

3. No Spamming (via posting, private messaging, or signatures, etc...)

4. No Soliciting members to visit your site via posting, private messaging, or signatures, etc... except as allowed by obtaining permission from the forum administrators.

5. Registered users can start discussions, reply to them, vote in polls and send private messages. When starting a discussion, make sure it is posted in the appropriate category. Discussions may be moved to the appropriate category by forum administrators or moderators. 

6. Websites offering equipment, items for sale or advice, etc., must display an EASILY VISIBLE DISCLAIMER on their site stating they are not affiliated with The Cast Bullet Association Inc.

7. No Hijacking of other member’s threads, unless your issue is exactly the same as theirs. Otherwise you should start your own thread or find one that matches yours. Posts in violation can be deleted by forum administrators or moderators. 

8. No posting the same question in multiple areas. 

9. No multiple Usernames/Accounts 

10. No adult, inappropriate, or illegal material. 

11. No Copyrighted Material (unless you are the author, or have express written permission from the author) 

12. No “Bumping” of your own posts unless you are adding new information. 

13. Topics that are closed, are closed. Members who open a new topic to continue a closed discussion may be subject to a suspension of forum privileges for a period determined by the forum administrator.

14. Wanted to buy, sell or trade listings are good for 90 days and it is the responsibility of the lister to delete them at 90 days or when it is settled (sold, bought, ect.) . Failure to delete the listing can result in loss of listing privileges. 

15. No Spamming of any kind including signatures.

16. New accounts with no activity after 30 days will be deleted. 

17. You must register to be able to post!


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