fixed leading in my smle

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pisco posted this 26 April 2019

hi i have a1941 lithgow i fitted with a H barrel it was picking up a bit lead so a couple of weeks ago i one shot and cleaned for twenty shots putting baby powder on the bullet fired two 10 shot groups and have not picked up any lead i will be doing the same to my 1915 lithgow this morning,i have done this with a couple of martini 303 and it works a treat

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 26 April 2019

were the cleaning bullets cast lead alloy ? or mj .   

and by any chance did your groups get better as the lead was removed ?


i doubt that baby powder would hurt your barrel ... i once fired several thousand 22lr with jb rolled into them thru a match barrel with no bad things happening .  i think .

i am thinking i need to load some really hot loads to see if i can make a barrel lead.... then try your method.  i still have a bucket of H4831 from 1958 that otta do it.  ok, deer rifles ... i need one volunteer to step forward.


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pisco posted this 27 April 2019

hi the groups didn’t shrink it just stoped picking up lead ,i done my 1915 today after 30 shots with baby powder it is better but not as good as the 1941 have to give it another go

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