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MarkinEllensburg posted this 30 May 2017

I purchased a box of brass in Norma 6mm br to form new cases for my .30BR. I started by blowing them out with the cream of wheat method. After a number of cases that needed to be tapped out of the chamber I lubed the rest with Lee lube and ran them through the form die I have, bumping the shoulder back a small amount. Most extracted just fine after fire forming but some still  needed to be tapped out.

I've since fired 2 loads out of all of them and many still need to be tapped out of the chamber. Any advice?

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RicinYakima posted this 30 May 2017

Inspect the extractor, as they are not the best design in the world. Insure the chamber is clean and lightly oiled, even though it is not "recommended" by the internet gurus, it solves a lot of problems at cast bullet pressure levels. HTH, RicinYakima

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onondaga posted this 30 May 2017


You will be a big help to yourself by inking the sticky cases  and re- chamber/UN-chamber them and note where exactly on the cases the fit problem is seen. This is better than measuring.



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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 30 May 2017

determine if the brass itself sticks after sizing ... or only after firing the cartridge .

if only after firing, does reducing the load/pressure help ?

historically, norma brass is softer and might not be " springing back " as much as .... lapua... win/rem/federal based cases .

gary's advice is good ... the brass might not be sticking where you think ..... hopefully the chamber does not have a flaw that is a sticking point ; mistakes do happen .

especially if it is a * precision * chamber the dimensions might be on the tight side ... maybe tighter than your sizer die ... ... tight chambers are kind of good news to a point . 

for regular people we call it "" murphy's law "" .... for people with masters degrees it is a " stackup of tolerances "" ...

just some thoughts .


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OU812 posted this 30 May 2017

Heres a good video on case sizing and extraction problems.

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MarkinEllensburg posted this 01 June 2017

Thanks all there is plenty there for me to look at. I'm doubtful it has a chamber problem as all the brass I got with the rifle do not stick, however anything is possible.

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OU812 posted this 01 June 2017

Did you check case length and trim after expanding necks and fire forming. Would a case that is too long cause extraction problem?

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