Elmer Keith Six Cavity Bullet Molds #429421 and 358429

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TNBullet posted this 14 March 2024

I'm looking for a supplier that makes a six cavity mold for the Elmer Keith bullet molds 429421 and 358429.  Arsenal Molds makes them with 5 cavities and Lyman has them in 4 cavities.  Does anyone have a lead that I can contact that might make them with 6 cavities?  Thanks for the help.

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delmarskid posted this 14 March 2024

Lee might

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TNBullet posted this 14 March 2024

Lee does custom molds, but the set up fee is $250.00.  Then $65 for the mold.  I'm hoping to find something much less expensive.

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Aaron posted this 14 March 2024

Speaking frankly here, Lee's setup fee and price for the mold is exceptionally good. There are probably a few reasons there are no 6-cavity 250gr 45 caliber molds out there. One is weight. Another is warpage. Another is temperature consistency across cavities.

My last foray to a tool and die maker cost me $60 to get a sizing die faced. Machine shop work is EXPENSIVE $$$$ and the $250 Setup fee is incredibly reasonable for a custom die.

Their RB 6-cavity molds are lighter, and there is not as much concern for diameter variation with a RB that will be sized when loaded.



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TNBullet posted this 14 March 2024

Aaron-Thanks, that's good advice.

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linoww posted this 15 March 2024

I'm fond of using two molds in tandem for production.I'd have Accurate cut a pair of 4 cavity aluminum myself and have a casting orgy.

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Shuz posted this 15 March 2024

When I was shooting 44 mags a lot, I used 2/ea 4cav Lyman 429421's casting in tandem as linoww suggests. It worked great.

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putnro01 posted this 18 March 2024

Have you checked MP molds? 

I have their version of an HG 503 mold. 

MPs 358 429 clone.      


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fa38 posted this 18 March 2024

I think that is like searching for the Holy Grail. 

Your not going to find it easily if ever. 

Spend enough money with a custom maker and you might get one,

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358156hp posted this 19 March 2024

MP does have six cavity H&G 503/429421 pattern moulds in stock in aluminum, but nothing for the .357 at this point. They do have 359-640, a RNFP design that might make you happy that you missed out on a Keith.

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fc60 posted this 19 March 2024


There is an H&G Six cavity #503 (Genuine Keith 44) on GoonBroker....




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