Does any one have any 6.5 Creedmoor cast bullet load data for 140gr and 150gr GC bullets?

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Michael S posted this 17 February 2021

  My only cast data book Lyman 4th edition does not have the 6.5 Creedmoor listed. We have been waiting since February 2019 for Lyman to come out with a 5th edition and hopefully the 6.5 CM cast date. Our son winning another rifle in 6.5 CM this Saturday at the annual NWTF banquet our friend takes us to each year, a Weatherby Vanguard 2 in 6.5 CM to go along with the Browning AB3 in 6.5 CM he won in February 2019 has furthered our interest in loading cast bullets for that and now both rifles.  

  We own the Lyman 266469 140gr and 266673 150gr and RCBS 6.5-140-SIL moulds all three are gas check designs. I would be casting of Lyman #2 and using Hornady GC's and White Label 2500+ lube  Loading the bullet in new Remington brass and using WLR primers.  

  I trust the folks on this site and not some random load date on the inter web. Ed Harris said ask in open forum since he has not fallen into that pond. 

  Next Wed we might have a 3rd 6.5 CM in the house if our calendar # comes up

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 17 February 2021

what is the twist in the lucky new rifle ?

you can get some ideas from loads for the 6.5x55 Swede  ...  just start low and safe ....  the difference in case volume is not too important for normal cast bullet loading.

good luck.  that RCBS mold should do well.  let us know how you are doing.


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Michael S posted this 17 February 2021

  The Weatherby site says the Vanguard 2 in 6.5 Creedmoor has a RH 1-8" twist and 24" barrel. The Browning AB3 in 6.5 Creedmoor has a 1-8" twist and a 22" barrel

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Shopdog posted this 17 February 2021

My experience is with many rigs,above and below the 6.5 so just sayin.... I shoot a BUNCH of 6mm Rem and 7-08's.

Generally,you're going to find 3 accuracy nodes. One around 1600,another around 2200,and then if everything is carefully attended to,usually one right at starting jacketed,book loads.

I like the 4198's to get into that second node. It's a little wasteful if you're looking for low velocity,these are better covered with faster yet,powders. The nice thing about the 4198's is;

You'll get sort of a "taste" of higher velocity,without some of the pitfalls or obstacles. It will tell you if the bullets are up to the task in a cpl areas. Around 2200 also,will help beat a little wind pushing the bullets around,and help to flatten trajectory in the killing fields. It "should" be obvious once working up loads with 4198,where following say Lyman published loads..... somewhere around their top loads,the bullet is gonna start to "collapse". Probably not the right word but you get the idea.

From there,once you know how much initial oooomph the bullet can take.... go look for some 4895 dope. It's an easy step because you're lowering that initial kick in the base.... and increasing the time the pressure is doin it's job. 4895 should see you making a pretty easy step from say 2k to 23,2400 fps. After that all bets are off,every man to himself because each rig,bullet,and powder,has it's own likes/dislikes.

I'd use 6.5X55 data and go looking for moulds.

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Larry Gibson posted this 18 February 2021

As mentioned, 6.5 Swede starting loads is a good place to start.


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Spindrift posted this 18 February 2021

I have no experience with the Creedmoor, but I have shot cast in a few different 6,5x55 rifles. 3 modern commercial actions, and one norwegian Krag factory rebuilt target gun. I have shot none of the bullets you mention, however. The case capacity should be similar enough for the purpose of relatively mild cast bullet loads.

I have used mainly Vihtavuori N120 for lubed cast bullets in the 6,5x55. 19-20grs works very well with gas checked, lubed bullets. I have tried the weight range 92-140grs. I would guess imr 4198 in the 17-22grs range should work equally well. 


NOE have a bullet (266-140) that is designed for the creedmoor. It shoots well in my x55’s. A very sleek bullet with high BC. If you want to try a good bullet that consumes little alloy, check out the Arsenal 266-92 spitzer. The NOE 266-126 (Grendel) is also a design that shoots in all my barrels.


With lubed bullets, sizing .266 works well in all my barrels. With PC, .265 seems to work best.


Good luck!

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Michael S posted this 18 February 2021

  I have IMR 4198 powder and we will try 17gr and the RCBS 140gr SIL and will size them to .266   We will cast hopefully 100 ct good ones this weekend in our multi caliber cast session.  

  Every new caliber that we will be loading cast bullets in 25-06 rem, 6.5 Creedmoor, 8mm Mouser JS, 38-55 WCF all will take the IMR 4198 (my Starline 38-55 WCF brass finally arrived today.)

  Thank you for the replies and starting point.

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Shopdog posted this 18 February 2021

I'll go to the virtual,2$ bet window and say..... watch what happens when you get to 18.5g through about 19.5g of IMR4198.

In my cases,18.8 has been something of a magic spot in enough different chamberings to just,well..... go with it. Cause trying to figure out why is a waste of "my" time. It used to be an accuracy load for 222 with jacketed,for what that's worth.

I'm @21 grains in a "lite" load for one of my varmint rigs in 7-08,130g Lee mould. The gun just got a new scope and I reverted back to the lite 4198 load to do shakedown (literally) on this venerable older Redfield 4-12. Finishing up in the next cpl days.

Then it's back to Varget,at a cpl grains over book starting jacketed loads that are cooking along.

I was hoping Spin would respond. He loves his 6.5's.

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